Monday, March 30, 2015

"Its Freaking Hot Here!"

Camping Out!
Wrapped like a Cocoon!

It's freaking hot here! Cause the Air Conditioner is broken...

March 30, 2015 

Wow Crazy Week,  

Yall sound like you have had a crazy week! It is really awesome that yall have been working so hard at home! I miss yall and hope all is Well!  

Well Tuesday- Tuesday was great I was with Elder Peterson our Zone leader! (MAN I LOVE THIS GUY)  and we also had district Meeting! I Gave a Training in District Meeting on finding our Purpose for being on the Mission! I felt like it went really really well! Everyone Else thought so so I hope it was! After that me and Elder Jacobson hit the road and started working. Tuesday we had dinner and shared a really great message about the #becauseHElives video that has been going around and it really really went Well! I also had committed myself to be more obedient and to become a fantastic missionary!  
Wednesday-Wednesday we had the car training which went really great! President Ames did a great job with his training it went really really well! I love that guy! We got the Black box which is the little deal that yells at the missionaries and talks to them about doing what they are supposed to be doing! So it’s like having your mom driving with every missionary! (I meant that with all due Respect, Brothers and Sisters stand up for me) After that we went to a China Buffet with the Park Glen 2nd Ward Elders who are great! Me and Elder Bird have so much in common! It’s crazy! After that we had a  great dinner with the Villareals who are a great family who have a son leaving on a mission here shortly so that will be good! We also had a great lesson that night with another Sister who is Awesome so she is great! The Saviors’ Atonement is so Real!  
Thursday- We had weekly planning which went really well. Me and Elder Jacobson had a really good planning session which ended up great for the both of us! So after working out all of that we really dove deep into working with our members and getting them to get referrals and to get things done with our ward! It was really really good! After that we had a Bible Study with some of our Friends from the Seventh Day Adventist which is really cool cause they our really nice and take good care of us!  
Friday- Friday was great also! We went and picked up Elder Bird cause Elder Bingham sings in the mission Choir and so we had Birdy for the Day! It was really good! After we got Bird we went to Lunch with a Brother from the Ward who is trying to find his way back into the church! He is really cool and I love the Guy! He has been working with missionaries for a while now and so we really love him and hope he comes back! After we ran by the church so that we could have a lesson with a Recent Convert who is doing great! We taught about the spirit and how it is working within each and every one of us to become better people and better individuals! After that we walked outside and across the street from our church is a Catholic church! So we walked over and a Young man talked with us about what we believe and how we can better work to become perfect to live with God again! It was really cool he lit up so we are hoping that goes somewhere! I loved it! Then we had dinner with Brother and Sister Furgo who are in the ward and they sent a message to yall so that is really nice of her! I love it so much! They are awesome! Brother Furgo is in the bishopric and really wants to help the Work!  
Saturday- WE went and did Service almost all day and with all the people we talked with they all seemed weirded out by the Mormons doing service but that's okay and we love them! After that we mowed a lawn for an investigator who needed all that done! Yes I did a great job! They were really happy and I love the look on people’s faces when you give service it is really cool! After that we went to have another study with our Seventh Day Adventist Friends who are really cool! They know their bible! Then had dinner with the Westovers who are a great strong family and we had a great time talking with them and working with them!  
Sunday- Was a normal Sunday! Not too much went on! We had dinner with one of the members in the ward who have a son on a mission in Billings Montana! So that's REally really Cool!  

Well Family I love and Miss yall so much! 

 Love yall 
Elder Justin C. Lee 


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