Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello From Watauga!

Service...Country Style!

Awesome members of the YSA Ward!

He loved serving in the YSA ward!

Goodbye Elder Jackson!

ImageImageImageImageMarch 23, 2015 

Hello From Watauga!  
Well It’s good to hear about all the success you’re having there in Utah! Well.....!!!!!  
So this week has been really fun!  
So Monday we went and played ultimate Frisbee for a p-day activity and it was really really fun! We all had a great time and it was probably the funnest P-day! After that we went and said good bye to a few of the YSA Members at the church cause we were having a Chili cook off which involves us! So we went! It was good to just sit around the Members of the Ward for a while and Talk with them!  
Tuesday we went and did service at the Union Gospel Mission! Which was really fun cause we got to play with Chicken!! Really it was great! I was cutting chicken like I was Edward Scissor hands!! After that we went and had lunch with Kay! Kay was so great we talked about his spiritual goals and things he wanted to see happen in the Next Year! He is really great! After Saying goodbye! We went home to change outta our really gross clothes and put on your slacks! We had to do some work at the Church so we took off! After the church I had some things I wanted to take a few pictures of before leaving so we went and took a few pictures while contacting! After that we had dinner with Lindsey Papa and she is a great person! We also had Dano at dinner and Charles! So after this we went to say goodbye to Kyle and Johnathan!  
Wednesday was good I went to the Hurst stake center and talked with a few missionary buddies I haven’t seen in a while! After that I took off with a member of the Watauga ward and Went to the Beach Building for A DLC! Elder Jacobson goes home in about July and so he is at the tail end of his mission! He is from Ogden and he went to Fremont High school! He is a great Missionary and an outstanding leader! We get along really well and are really good friends! We had a dinner that night with a family which was weird for me because it was Home Cooked! Which was really good! So I really enjoyed it! We met a few of our investigators! And it was really fun!  
Thursday was weekly planning so we did that for most of our morning and the Area seems to be doing really well! We have some really good Investigators and some really great Less actives that we our working with! So it is really busy! That night we taught a lesson to a few Less actives who our coming back into activity which was really cool! Elder Jacobsen told me to share that lesson! So I picked one of my favorite Mormon Messages! Mountains to Climb! A really good one! It really brought in the Spirit!  
Friday- Friday was really fun! Elder Jacobson had to go to the New District Leader Meeting so I got to sit with Elder Bird (from Salem Hills been out about 6 Months) and Also Elder Bingham (from Orem Utah been out over a Year) both great guys! Its super weird Me and Bird have a lot in common and so it was really weird! We go together like Peanut butter and Chocolate Pudding!  But we get along good and it was really great to get to learn off of these guys! Well Me and Elder Bird had to go to our lunch appointment with a guy in our ward!  He is a really great guy with a lot of stuff going on right now! But he was really cool! And I look forward to meeting with him! After we went and visited a few families one has a son on a mission in Billings, Montana and so that is a really good thing!  
Saturday- We had DLC that morning which went really good then went really bad! But that’s okay I don’t really care what people think of me! Well besides my family and Megan and her family! Alright I care but whatever! So anyway we had to go sit at the Car shop for a few hours cause our car needed some work done on it and it needed to have it done! After that we went to a dinner at a Members who fed us some really good food! It’s so nice to have a home cooked meal!  
Sunday was really great! Met my new ward and on the first Sunday there its about 2 minutes till the start of the meeting and I am asked to give a talk! Oh yeah its show time! So I jumped up and gave my best Snoozer I got! I knew it was great cause everyone was asleep besides Elder Jacobson who was crying tears of joy! Haha well its cause he made up the whole talk for me! haha but everyone liked it so that was great! Then a random man walks into church and says to us I am looking for a church and I want it to be true! So we start going to talk with him about the gospel and he  actually knew alot about the church! Well we decide to ask E to be baptized on April 28th so were super excited about that! I love it! Well yall that was my week! I hope yall have a great week too!   
Love yall So much,  
Elder Justin Lee 

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