Monday, March 9, 2015

Busy Week!

I'm Fryin'!!
"This towel smells like Megan!"

Birthday Cake!
March 9, 2015 

Well I would love to just say that wow......I'm excited for you Amanda and Spencer!! Have a great day this week I'm proud of you and love you!   
Well to the Week,  
Tuesday: was good. I went on an Exchange with Elder Cathcart this week! He is the ZL here and I feel like he is my brother! We had a really great talk about some things that I was wondering in the mission! And we had a great time together he is a great teacher and a great leader! Which is really cool! Cause I have been surrounded by great leaders my whole mission and it’s been good cause I am learning a lot off of them! Which was really great!  

Wednesday: Well we had district meeting this last week and I gave a Council on how we could better work with Ward Councils and how they can work better with us! It went really well! Well at least I thought so, everyone was asleep so I thought it was good! After District Meeting we went to CICI's with the Whole Zone which was really good cause we really felt the zone Unity and it helps us to get to know how we are doing and know more about each other! Then that night we had a really great lesson with our investigator who is really working on some things but it’s really starting to focus in on how they want to change their life!  

Thursday: Well we had weekly planning! So we were shut in till 1 which was really good because it snowed again here! But we were able to get out about 1 O'clock and so that was really really good! We went and visited our guy Jorge who is great and we love that dude! We taught about the Temples and the blessings of the temple and it was really really great!!  

Friday: We went on  Exchanges with the 5th Ward Elders and that was really good cause I went with Elder Hyde and he is a great young missionary! That Area is struggling but Elder Hyde and  his comp our really starting to work really hard together to make things start to role in that area! It was a flash back to my Copperas Cove days cause I had to walk everywhere! But our day went really good!  

Saturday: We had DLC which is District Leader Council and so we met with the Zone Leaders to see what president wants to focus on for this month which is really great! We had a great council and an amazing time working with them! After that we went out and talked with a few Members and had lunch at Fuzzys Tacos with a member! p.s Fuzzys makes bomb Tacos!! So right that down! and then we went and talked with Kay our Recent Convert!  

Sunday: BEST DAY EVER! So this past month Kay has been to the Temple and also yesterday past the Sacrament for the first time and he did great! I Love that guy! I mean just watching someone go from knowing nothing to become probably one of the strongest members I have seen in a while! It was just so amazing to see the hard work you put in and watch the lord use me for good just such a great Testimony builder! That night we went to the Mission Presidents Fireside and it was really good! and President Ames did really great!  
Well family that's my week! I had an amazing week and I love yall so so much! I am Changing! and I am so Grateful and so lucky to be out here having this experience! If it wasn't for my Great Examples at home who made me who I am today! Thank yall and Good luck!  
Elder Justin C. Lee 
Mom- So We have a new policy in the mission that we have to have CDs and so I have a lot of music that is on my Flash Drive so I will be sending that home so make sure that you please keep it safe till I get home! I will be also sending my I pod to cause we don't want to have that ether! I know you spent a lot of money on the Ipod but I want to be Obedient and so I am doing it! I hope you understand! I love you Mom! Feel free to go through it! p.s Don't let anyone touch my Ipod!!!!!!!! I don't want anything Deleted and so don't let anyone touch it! 
DAD- Man Thanks so much for Saying your proud of me!  Really it helps me out so much! Especially from a man who is doing everything right! Man I miss you! I LOVE YOU DAD!! Thanks for being a great Example to me!  

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