Monday, March 2, 2015

Elder It's Cold Outside!

Opening his birthday box!!

Snow Storm! 

The cold never bothered him anyway! 

Birthday cake from his box! 

Let it snow! 

March 2, 2015 

Cabin Fever! 
Well what a Crazy week holy cow so that's no fun at all!  
Monday: Well we lived inside so that was really no fun! Just sat around and did nothing really besides walking around and sliding on the ice! 
Tuesday: We emailed and were able to get out and shop for our Food! then we went to the Whites home to eat dinner and we love the Whites they are a really great family! Brother White is in the YSA Ward bishopric and his son just got home from a mission and he is a great dude! Well our cars had to be parked at about 6 oclock at night that night so we were inside and Just shot the Breeze with each other!  
Wednesday: Was really great So it was a compete snow storm, white out, so me and Elder Jackson decided since everyone and their dog is outside for who knows why we decided to take off  and help people get up hills and to push them outta parking lots! We then went to this huge hill where cars were stuck going up it so we decided that we would push cars up there all day! It’s pretty fun! We lost tons of weight and then gained it all back again cause people sent me cake! That night just watched the Testaments and chilled!  
Thursday: Well it was my B-day so we had District meeting which was really good! Then we had lunch with Brother Uribe another member of our bishopric! At the Mexican INN Café which was really good! Then I came home to Two birthday Boxes and the only time the mail came all week so that's good on my birthday! The lord was in that one! Thanks for those by the way! Me and Jackson like the little Dancing Devil! it’s funny! We then went and visited some of the people and  worked with them! Also Elder Jackson had to give 3 Baptismal interviews!  
Friday: Was super boring we just sat inside again and didn't do much! BUT we did make the Cake Megan Sent me and it was really, really good! Then after we did that we Just Chilled!  
Saturday: They same thing just chilled and hung around the apartment most of the day so not to interesting of a week but still fun! I will send pictures!   
Well y’all that was my week in Alaska! haha well thanks yall for all the Birthday wishes and I love yall! Have a great Week!  
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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