Monday, February 9, 2015

Goodbye Elder Esplin...Hello Elder Jackson!

Farewell Elder Esplin!
Farewell Dinner!

Welcome Elder Jackson! 

February 9, 2015  

Well HAD A GREAT WEEK WITH LOTS OF UPS AND DOWNS!!!  Will start with the downs? 

TUESDAY: Well Tuesday was really fun so it was Elder Esplins last day in the mission and so we had some fun! (NOT APOSTATE FUN) 
So we went with Elder Mansary and McAnich to Riskeys for all you can eat Beef Rips! Which was treated by Elder Esplin which was really good! After Me and Elder Esplin went home So that Elder Esplin could pack and could get everything in order with his stuff! So that night we went and visited some of his people he wanted to say goodbye to and then came home! That night we talked for a long time about his mission and the Experiences! He gave me some advice which was really good!  
Wednesday: TRANSFER DAY: So we went to the 8th Elders Apartment and waited for Elder Esplins ride to the Hurst Stake Center and then after waiting he got there! We said our goodbyes (Big Boys cry) they took off! Well then I received my new comp Elder Jackson! (Let’s see if I can do this in one breath) He is 6'5 (so a walking Tower) He is from Rexburg Idaho, He played basketball in high school! He wants to be a Chiropractor and He has been out for 16 months! (Hallelujah) We get a long great we have a lot of similarities and Its good to know there is someone out there who is just as big of sports fan as me! We get along just great!  

Well I am gonna try something different here so that's good!   So we have been teaching a fair amount of lessons and doing really good work! It’s a little slow but I am sure it will pick up hear in the next couple of weeks! We hope that people start committing to baptism which becomes really tuff when you don't want to just yell at them! We are continuing to work really hard together and hope that we will see the fruits of the Harvest! Well I am so excited to see all of the fun things going on around home and I am so happy to be serving a Mission I love yall so much and Hope all is well!  
Love yall, 
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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