Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another Fabulous Week In Ft. Worth!!

Fried Oreos! 

Apparently they fry lots of things in Texas...Fried Twinkies!

Basketball got a little rough...broken pinky?

February 17, 2015 

Sorry for The late letter been super busy! Well I am super Excited because we had a fun nice week!  
Tuesday: We had a nice fun day full of teaching and working our little bums off! We had a lesson with a Less Active that was really good and he loved it! It was even better cause he came to church this Sunday! Also we had an Exchange with our man Kyle Wentz who is a member and is studying to be a doctor! I love Kyle he is the man anyway he went to a Less Actives house and Taught her about  Christ Baptism and going to go to baptisms for the dead!  
Wednesday: WE had Zone council and we were 30 Minutes late! But not our fault we didn't get a text so we were super glad! Well Zone Council went till almost 3 and we didn't get home till 4 so we had dinner then we had to drive up to Chapel Creek and Elder Jackson had to give a baptismal interview! She is super Awesome and is doing everything Right!  
Thursday: We had weekly Planning and it was fun cause me and Elder Jackson Talked a lot about how we were going to help the work move forward! (P.S Me and Elder Jackson are brothers) but we did really awesome planning then we went and cleaned out this big shed full of all this stuff and we made it look really nice! Only found a few dead mice! But that's okay! After that we went and saw a few Referrals that were given to us by 8th ward elders! Then after all of that we went home and me and Elder Jackson had a super good work out and it was really good!  
Friday: well we did Mormon.org time for about 10 minutes then found out that we needed to take a missionary who is in a bike area in our car to the doctor! Well we went and we Ended up there for about 3 1/2 hours so it was really fun because a few tender mercies of the lord was there and so we watched the last 1/2 of Night at the Museum and then All of Frozen so that was really good! Anywho so then we took them back and had our evening to proselyte!  
Saturday: we had lunch at a really good pizza restaurant and it was really good! Then we got asked to go give blessings to these two little children who had been in a car accident! So me and Elder Jackson went in to the ICU and the girl was laying there, I almost cried, well we explained to the NON-Member family  and the Grandma told the Children that we have the Power to heal!  After our blessing she corrected herself and told them that god has the power but  these men Activate it! Just made me realize that I am the Lords hand on the Earth today!  
Sunday: It was a Sunday we had a lot of investigators to see and people to teach!  
Monday: we played hard ball with some members got a little ugly but that's okay!  
Well yall I love you so much!  
Elder Justin C. Lee

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