Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Farewell Elder Esplin!

Chef Boyardee! 
Justin calls this "Its the end of the month and I have no money so find everything that looks good, throw it together and eat it"

Elder Harris-Coons!

Dinner of homemade corn dogs and chips! 

February 2, 2015 

You know you’re a missionary When...... you go into ward council on Feb 1 and tell them that you are bringing a sports fanatic to church! And they say well good thing there are no big sporting events on today! And you FORGET THE SUPERBOWL saddest day of my whole entire life! 

 Well Tuesday- Tuesday we went on an exchange with Elder Harris- Coons and Elder Parkenson and so Elder Harris-Coons Came to my area and so we went and Walked! When we got back home for dinner we made homemade corn dogs! Which were really really good and they were all homemade! (send a picture later) We also went and got Mexican Coke-a-Cola and it was super good! Which was super good! Then we went and taught some of our friends! 

Wednesday- We walked to district meeting and had a really good district meeting! We also had a really good exchange with Charles and worked with Gabby and Storm! Their doing really great! 

Thursday- Well we couldn't find a ride to the mission office on Wednesday for Elder Esplins Exit interview! So we called our Zone lords and asked them! Well they were on an exchange with the Assistants and so the Assistants gave us a ride to the mission office! Yay for me! Well we got up there and I got to see Elder Wilcox (Blake Wilcoxs brother) or for Brittney (Austin Wilcox) he comes home and will be speaking on Sunday so that will be good! I love elder Wilcox!!! After our exit interview we got a really big surprise and we  GOT OUR CAR BACK!!!!! As our Baptist friends would say  "AMEN HALLALUJAH" SO we got back and we have 3 days till the end of January so we had a mile allotment of 120 miles a day! So that was really nice!  So we went and saw all of our investigators and less active members! So that's really exciting! 

Friday- We woke up and had a great study and then had a full day of visiting members and less actives so we set off and taught a few other lessons and some RCLAs which was really good and then we had Dinner with JJ! Well We love JJ and he is sick! So we went to Reatas a Steakhouse in down town Fort Worth! (LOOK IT UP) It was so good! It was the best steak I have ever eaten in my whole entire life! Then we had every single appointment drop besides a few! It was really great! 

Saturday was really great we had a really big meeting set up with a boy named G! G is a translator for his grandma in Swahili! African dialect really cool! We taught them a lesson and he is really close to being baptized! So that lesson went really really well! 

Sunday: We had an investigator at church! And that was really cool! I loved how much everyone rallied around him to support him! 
Monday: Well Transfer calls came and as we Know Elder Esplin is getting transferred to the Oregon mission! But I will be staying in Fort Worth with my new companion Elder Jackson! Elder Jackson is going to be the District leader so I am going to learn as much as I can from him! I am excited! 
Well Yall I love yall so much, Don't kill each other!  
Elder Justin C. Lee

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