Tuesday, January 27, 2015

They biked and biked and biked!

Justin and Elder Bean! 

They had to complete a series of tasks over 29 days to achieve this award! 

January 26, 2014

Well family I am glad yall had just a handy dandy week! Elder Lee is having a week he will never forget and a week he never wants to remember!  
Wednesday: Me and Elder Esplin we had district meeting which was really good! Then came home and took lunch! Then we hoped on our bikes and biked to the closest person who is about a 1 hour bike ride from our apartment so that was fun! And Guess what they were not there so we got to bike the hour back to go to our apartment! Then we biked another 6 miles round trip to see other potential investigators!  

Thursday: Was weekly planning and so we went and weekly planned and then we went to the library to do mormon.org and family history! So then went back to our apartment and had dinner! Then we biked to see our potentials!  

Friday: We biked to see Kate another Potential investigator and also we biked to see Attwontte! Then we came back for dinner at our apartment! We had an exchange with our good pal Charles and then went to see one of our Recent Convert who is struggling!  

Saturday: We  walked to a house of a referral and then walked back for lunch! After lunch we went to a rc/la house and talked with them! Thewe came back and had dinner! Then we went and saw Kay!  

Sunday: We had church so we biked to that and then we came back and ate lunch! Then we really just walked around and then we went to our apartment than we went to Pizza pie night with the ward! It was good because there were a lot of none members there that we got to talk to!  
Monday: STILL NO CAR!!!! 
Well that is my week really boring but I love yall 
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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