Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kay's Baptism!!

Kay's Baptism! 

Car Accident...

Back to being a biking missionary!

January 20, 2014 

HOLY HECK!!!!!!!!!! 

While yall were having the most lame weeks of your entire lives yall know yours truly was having the best! MOM: DO NOT FREAK OUT!!!!!!! ;)  

 Well Monday went on I was still sick and so we went and hung out with some other Elders all day and had just a great old time with them! We also went to the Church To meet the Zone Leaders so that K could have is Baptism interview and it was really great Cause he Passed! Then we went to the Ice rink for family night NO I did not ice skate it’s against mission rules and so I would NOT partake of such tom foolery! Well Things get worse let me tell you! So I went home after and Felt like GARBAGE and so we planned and went to bed!  

Tuesday: I woke up and felt like I was a balloon head, my throat hurt and my whole entire body ached! yay for me! Anywho So me and Elder Esplin took a sick day and stayed inside all day! Wait I all know you’re thinking that's great but no we had and exchange with our Zone leaders on Tuesday so we had to cancel that! Which really sucks! I hate Satan!  

Well Wednesday I still felt like garbage but I sat in one day and tried to get better with meds so I was like oh well I am working today! So we had a really good meeting with H and she is an investigator! She is really weird but that's okay we still love her! So after that we went and made Kays baptism program which went really well!  

Well Thursday was really great we had ZONE CONFERENCE! It was a really good day and we kicked some booty as we counseled with President Ames about the things which we can do with our Stake and how we can use members and ward leaders to baptized more in the coming year! IT was really good Just took all day!  

Well Friday was just the cherry on the cake! So we went to lunch with our Bishop and after showing him the program he had some minor changes he would like us to make so on our way to the library we got in a car accident!! MOM IT WAS NOT MY FAULT AND SHE TOOK RESPONSIBLITIY AND NO ONE WAS HURT BUT THE LADIES PRIDE! Any who she made a left turn right in front of me and Elder Esplin we hit her going like 37 in a 35 so It was all her fault! Well that put a fat dent not only in our car but in our plans also! We had to sit at the library and fill out 5 pages of paper work for the church! So that took up the rest of our day! That night we went on an Exchange with our Zone Leaders and I went to Elder Beans Area  

Well Saturday we were still on an Exchange with Elder Bean and so we went to visit some folks! One was Jamal: Jamal is like really awesome has a baptism date for the 31st and we had a really big come to Jesus talk with him and it was really really good! After our day we met with the Girl Squad who is a Mom and Daughters and Granddaughters! They our coming back to church and they are great and we prayed with them to help them out! Then we went to the best thing that happened this week! KAYS BAPTISM! yayHe was super awesome and so we went down into the water me and Kay and we baptized him! It was awesome cause he came out of the water turned to me and gave me the biggest hug ever and whispered to me "Elder Lee thank you so much for believing in me and for making me the happiest guy in the whole world. I love you" I started to cry as I realized that this is why I am here to bring people to the happiest place on earth! and it’s not Disneyland it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  

Well Sunday came and Kay was confirmed and then he asked me to ordain him to the Aaronic Priesthood! So that was really awesome!  Well yesterday was a great day: So we went to help out at a MLKJ day of service with other churches! Well we had a worship service in an African American episcopal church! It was really cool cause they asked us to sing in the choir! It was all the drums and the Hallelujah, Praise Jesus, Love god, foot stompin fun you could ever imagine! After that we had to go to Euless, Texas to the Mission Office so we could have a little talk with some Elders! All good all good! Well we were waiting for our Zone leaders to pick us up! and guess who shows up! President Ames and so me and him went into his office for a little talk! Nothing bad, don't worry just some words of wisdom! But he just said he loved me and I loved Him! And now me and Elder Esplin are Bike missionaries again! Yay! Well for a few days I guess! But that is my fun week! How about yalls 

Well I love yall so much and Hope yall have an awesome week!  
Love Yall,  
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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