Monday, January 12, 2015

Ready For A Baptism!

January 12, 2015

Hey Yall well January is gloom and doom here Too!  

Well to start I have been really sick the past couple of days. So that really sucks! But... 
Tuesday: Well we went on Exchanges with the 5th ward Elders again and were super excited because I got to go with Elder Harris-Coons! Yes that is his name! We had a lot of fun talking with others and being just really good friends with them all! We went and saw a few less actives and also taught our investigator Hallie and it was really awesome, she is working really well and been doing some really good things over there and she is progressing really well!  
Wednesday: We exchanged back and went to Zone Council! It wasn't so good because traffic we were late, but not LATE!!!!! Which was really good cause the Assistants were there, haha go me! ;) After that we went and talked with Daniel, our recent Convert, he is doing really well and we are working really good with him! He is active and still going to church which is really good! After this we went to the top of our area to visit an inactive member who is working really hard to come back but has been going through some hard times! We are happy for him and how hard he works! We also visited our friends Lisa/and Quince they are recent Converts and have been working really hard! We also saw K! Who is working really hard to be the best he can!  
Thursday- We had weekly planning which wasn't really a weekly planning at all! We had a ton of appointments that only would work during the middle of weekly planning so we decided to forfeit that and go to the investigators and talk with them! After we came home and I was not feeling to well but I ate lunch and went back out! We also taught K and had an awesome appointment with him!  
Friday- We went to the library so that we could make some invites to K’s baptism so that he could hand them out to his friends and so that we could hand them out to the ward! He is an amazing dude! We also got his program figured out so that we could make it! K asked me to baptize him and I am always so honored to be able to baptize someone which is really good and I am looking forward to bringing someone in to that water!  
Saturday- We went and talked with our less active members again and also had a correlation meeting with our ward mission leader Zac! He is a great dude and will be killing it! We are so excited to get the ward excited about missionary work! We also met with K again and got him excited about the Mission Presidents fireside for Investigators and new members which is really good! Also got a member to go with us so that we could make it work! I am so excited about that!  
Sunday- K came to church!!!! Which was awesome and he even stepped up his game and brought his friend with him and talked with her about the gospel which is really cool! After church we went to Kyles house and ate lunch which is good and also went to visit Chemine who is an awesome gal and has an amazing testimony! Then we went to the Mission President Fireside! with K and he met President Ames and talked with him and answered K’s questions! So that was awesome!  

Well Family that was my week! And thanks so much for everything you do for me!  

Love, Elder Justin C. Lee 

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