Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter In Texas!

Lee Avenue!

Stormy days! 

Whats up Dog?

January 5, 2015 

Well Wow look like better late than never with the snow,  
Well family good to hear that yall are doing good! And that you all have been working really hard on marriage stuff! Please yall I know I am mom's Favorite and I know that see loves me the Most! But help her out with Marriage things please!! Love yall!  
Anyway, this week Tuesday,  
Well we had an Exchange with the ZL's and I went with Elder Espinoza to his area and worked there! We did service for a nice young lady in their ward! It was great she had a ton of leafs though so that was a really big bummer but it was for a good cause! It was also really cold here and so it was bad also! But you’re in god’s help so your good!  Then we went and taught some of their investigators and they are really good investigators who are moving forward so we should have some baptisms this month! Anywho that night me and Elder Espinoza (From California) had a good talk! He has a lot of cool stories he is an ASL (American Sign Language) Missionary So we prayed for the Gift of Thumbs! Which is good!  

We had District Meeting! So we had to go pick up the 5th Ward Elders and bring them to district meeting! We had a really good district meeting and I learned a lot! After District Meeting we had to do car inspections so me being the DLs companion had to inspect the Zone Leaders Car! Gave them a Fat F! Jk they passed I am not that mean! After we went and had some lunch and we still had no miles so we had to do a lot of walking and so that sucked!  

Was Weekly planning and January 1st YAY MORE MILES!!!!! So we had a really good weekly planning session and we had an amazing time! Planning went good this week and after we went and visited a few RCLA's in the ward! After we went home for dinner at our place and then went and taught K! He is doing really good and Is Working really hard at becoming ready for his Baptism on the 17th of Jan!  

We went and had Time and I read a lot about our Family history! I requested the Patriarchal blessing of John D. Lee! So I had to send in how I am related and so that’s cool! After we went and visited our potential Atwonette! After that we went to our home to eat us some grub and then we went to a few other houses and we had a lame day a lot of people canceled on us and were working hard!  

We had DLC with the Zone leaders and talked with them about how our Zone is doing and how we can make our Zone Council Really effective and how it will benefit the people involved! After we had an Appointment with a LA in the ward and we talked with her about how everything is going great in the Church and taught her CPR!  

WE had church at 11! And went to break the Fast in the YSA ward! AND had an amazing time at that! We had an Investigator come which is really what we want! After that we were really busy the rest of the night with appointments!  
Well yall I hope yall have a great week!  
Love yall so much,  
Elder Justin C. Lee 
MAN!!! Woop woop!!! Hurahh for Israel!!!  

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