Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Fort Worth!

New pants! Justin has lost 20lbs since arriving in Texas!

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree"

His dad and brother got him this hat on their trip to Denver!

Nerf gun wars!

I'm not really sure how to caption this photo....

We sent Justin a "How to make balloon animals" kit.   
December 29, 2014

It was really good to hear y’alls voices on Christmas it was awesome to meet my new family! Well I hope everyone had the best week ever!

 Tuesday: Well Tuesday We had our first Exchange with Elder Esplin’s new district and I was really excited about it and how well they were to go one on one with us! Well I brought Elder Parkinson to my area! We started by going to do service for our investigator K! We had to help him change a tire! So after we helped K we took off to our Apartment and got ready for the day! Once we were ready we went to see a LA member in our ward and talk to him! Then we went to our Favorite Person Bens house to Eat Dinner and to talk with him about everything that he would be doing this next week, he left for BYUI! Then we went and talked with K about how the book of Mormon is a witness of Christ and he loved it!

Wednesday: Well we went to pick up Elder Esplin and Elder Harris-coons so that we could go to the stake center to get ready for our Christmas Devotional! When we got there there were a few missionaries I haven't seen for a while and I was really grateful to see them and talk with them about the things they were doing! Then I saw Elder and Sister Nielson who were the senior couple down in Killeen!  I talked to them and I was super excited to see and talk with them about everything they were up to! Then we sat down to a great BBQ from President Ames and Sister Ames which was really good! Then we watched the Christmas Carol! It was really good! I loved it! Then I was able to talk to Elder Fowels who is Megan’s Cousin who is in the Mission! I Love him! He is great! Then we went into a big devotional with President Ames and he gave an awesome thing about the spirit and how it touches us this time of year! Then after we got done with that we all said goodbye and then we went to See K for our Christmas Eve! IT was really good!

Thursday/ Christmas: We had breakfast with our bishop out in Burleson and ate with them and talked with them about the ward and spent the morning with them it was really fun! After that we drove back to the church and had an awesome district meeting! We also had a Gift Exchange and a lunch! It was really good! Then everyone left and we stayed at the church and called people for appointments and after that, We called y’all! It was really good to talk to everyone and hear all the fun things that are going on!

Friday: Well Friday we biked to kingdom come because we ran outta miles!

Saturday: We biked to kingdom come again because we also had no miles! We are really excited for Wednesday when we get miles! But that's okay!

Sunday: We went to church and had like no one there but that's okay we will have a lot more people with us next week and We love it!

Well family I love y’all so much and hope y’all have a great Week!

Elder Justin C. Lee


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