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Merry Christmas!

Justin and Frosty!

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December 22, 2014
Merry Christmas Lee's of Leeville!!
Well It Sounds like you are doing really well! So Glad I am not there to see the Hell that will break loose when everything hits the Fan!! Ps I still Love ya!!!
Well Tuesday, Me and Elder Esplin had to go and be with Elder Murray because his comps went to the temple so we went and sat with him! Woke up at about 4:15 AM so it was a really early morning down here! So we went through elder Murray's area and he said good bye to a few folks and then we went to Bossess, it’s an all you can eat pizza deal and I bought Elder Murray lunch! Because it was his last day in the Field before he took off so he went with us! Then we went and taught our good pall Hillary! And she was really stoked about getting back in touch with the missionaries so that went good! Then we had dinner with a Member at Son Louis which is a Mexican Restaurant that allows missionaries to eat free! It’s owned by a member! It’s so nice! Then we took Elder Murray back to his Companions! I said goodbye and wished him some luck on the ole life road! I teared up a little!
Wednesday, WE had transfers! So Elder Esplin got some New missionaries that he is over! Which is good! Elder Esplin is going home to Oregon at the end of this Transfer so that will be weird for a little bit! Anywho WE went to visit Our Former Investigators to find some Elect People! unfortunately we didn't find a soul! But that didn't keep us down and so we went to Dinner with our Guy Ben! Ben is awesome and so he had us for dinner and made some really good Food! But anyway I am so happy because he gave me his Portuguese stuff so I can learn so I have been learning a little bit of that lately!
Thursday: Thursday was weekly planning, but half way through we went to lunch at Cici's with our bishop who is an awesome man! He really is a stud bishop! That was good! After we went back and finished our planning then went out and walked around and contact some folks! Then we went to Kays place to read with him and we were so happy! Kay is progressing so fast and he is really starting to love the gospel and so that was really good! We will be moving his baptismal Date Forward!
Friday: We had DLC! Which is where the district leaders get together with the Zone Lords I mean leaders and talk about the Zone and what we can do to help out the zone and become more united! After we had Lunch and then I read a talk about Becoming a Consecrated missionary! It really was a good thing! I have set goals and I am striving to do that! I am finally saying "Not my will but thine be done" just like Christ did! I am putting my whole Self on the Alter of Sacrifice!
Saturday: I was really excited because we had Sunday and we Taught Kay again!
Sunday: WE didn't have a sacrament so we went to the 8th ward and had a great sacrament meeting!
Well family that is my week! I hope yall have an amazing week and we will talk to yall Thursday! Love yall So much!
Elder Justin C. Lee

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