Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Another Busy Week in Fort Worth!

December 15, 2014
Well everyone it’s good to hear from yall and I hope your Christmas season is doing Well!
Tuesday- Tuesday was a really good day we had an exchange with our ZL's I brought Elder Bean to my area to work! We had a great time working on finding and loving people! Also had a good Lesson with our 4 African, Bomb.com, so solid it’s not even funny investigators! They are awesome and are eating the Gospel up! We went with our Ward Mission Leader Ben he taught in Portuguese because they speak it! It was really good to go and talk with them about the Plan of Salvation and how God has created these really simple steps to return to him and to become more like his son Jesus Christ!
Wednesday- Well Wednesday we had to pick up Elder Murray and go to our Zone Council it was a really good meeting besides it was Transfer Calls! Well Elder Haufono (THE AP) Called and asked to talk to Elder Esplin and so he did and told me I was Being Transferred!  (Don't Worry I am staying in Fort Worth It will be Explained later) So then later we had an appointment with K our other Solid investigator and it was really spiritual and we really felt good about it! He has a Baptismal Date on the 31st of Jan but we are sure that will be moved forward as he becomes more involved with the Gospel!
Thursday- Thursday was weekly planning and we planned a super stellar lesson with K and with our 4 African Friends! I love them all a lot and they are all really progressing and are becoming closer to the Savior every time we see them! Well we found out they are taking off For Christmas and won’t be back to the States for about a month so that sucks but we are keeping in contact with them so that when they come home we can get some Salvation going on! We taught K a super good lesson about the Plan of Salvation and he ate it up! He loves knowing exactly what he has to do to go and meet God and Jesus Christ one day!
Friday- Well I was on an Exchange with Elder Wuttkie because our companions had to go to a Meeting! So we did service for a Lady and cleaned her whole yard up for her it was really nice to get some service and talk about the gospel a little bit! But I am Glad that Elder Esplin was back because we work really well together!
Saturday- We had another appointment with K and taught about the book of Mormon and how it’s going to help him in his life and how if he will continue to read he will have blessings beyond compare! HE is reading and loves reading the Book of Mormon!
Sunday- We had church and it was really good because K came to Church and he wants to know the Gospel and knows he can be baptized! So we were really excited about that! We also sang as a Zone for the Stake Choir Christmas Festival and President Peterson (A member of the Mission Presidency) was there and we were really excited to see him!
Monday- Well Transfer calls came this morning and I am staying with Elder Esplin and I will be Killing him in February so I am excited to do that!  All 4 of my companions will be dead in February so that’s weird! We also have Elder Murray for the day so that's nice to! Well that's my week I love yall!
Love yall,
Elder Justin C. Lee

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