Monday, December 8, 2014

Caroling All The Way!

Justin and Elder Esplin! 
TCU Stadium 

December 8, 2014 


Well I hope yall are having the best days ever! Geez so much joy in the Lee home this past week! Dang yall took Christmas to a whole new level over there! Hey Well I am Glad to hear about Amanda that's Great news finally I cannot get emails about how boys suck! And Jordan and Dad I am still repenting for how bad I was coveting yall this past week!  

Well Yall,  
Tuesday- Tuesday was really good we had a lot of good appointments and some really good things to work with new investigator wise! We went caroling with the ASL (American Sign Language) Missionaries and it was super good! We really brought the spirit of Christmas in to a lot of people’s homes 
Wednesday- We Had District Meeting and that was super good! Then after we had Choir Practice! Yes we are a missionary choir and we are singing for our Christmas devotional this next Sunday! So yes mom I know you’re proud! But yes! After All that fun stuff! We were Walking around down town trying to meet someone who was ready and so we did and we had no success! So that was really no fun at all!  
Thursday- WE had an Exchange with Elder Mansuray and Willamson! I brought Willamson to my area! Well we had some super solid appointments! We taught this Guy named K and he is a Doctor and he is like super amazing! Guy is just soaking up the gospel! So I am really stoked for that! And a referral that we got! Named DC! We are hoping to get back in with them this next week! And Talk with him!  
Friday- We exchanged back and talked about some things I have learned on the Exchange and we were all really stoked to get back and get to work! Well later that night Elder Mansuray gave us a call and needed our help giving a guy a blessing and so he was at the hospital in the ICU! Well he was in some rough shape but his family was really grateful for us and coming over there to help with that! It really let me know that my Father in Heaven is there for me! He knows and Loves me so much and He is just waiting for us to humble ourselves and turn to him for that help!  
Saturday- We Went Caroling with our whole District and it was really fun! But we also went to a vegan restaurant! I am defiantly a meat eater! haha but it was super good to do that!  
Sunday- Well we had Fast and Testimony Meeting this past week and I was super stoked for that I needed a good fast! Well in YSA wards we have break the fast Sunday so that was really fun! And so we are stoked for that next month! But then we had a good Choir go with us to Carol 4 Members of the YSA ward! It was super awesome and the people we went to really enjoyed the music and were so Grateful for our time!  
Well family that is my week and I am super excited to hear more about yalls plans and to hopefully see some great things happen with yall! well yall Love ya so much! 

Elder Justin C. Lee 

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