Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving & Stockyards!

Love from home!
Broncos gear Texas style!

Bulls at the Stockyards!

Dec. 1, 2014 

Well Looks like yall are going HARD back at home with all this news so I am like wow!!  

Well now to make you all feel bad for Elder Lee!! Just Kidding!  

Well Monday, Monday was the best day ever! We went to the Stockyards! Well it was awesome so we went and I caught a ride on a Mechanical Bull so I have a Video I’ll Send to yall Soon!! But Yeah it was Super fun!  

Tuesday, Well Tuesday Was Awesome We had interviews with President Ames! Well Holy cow he is like my best friend! We talked about all kinds of great things and how to handle stress but he told me some good stuff so I want to share some with Yall but not over an email yall will get a letter! But that took all day Tuesday so!  

Wednesday, We had a great day we went to a referral we received from the 8th Ward Elders! So we were super stoked about that! Well she wasn't home so we knocked doors and we got turned down the whole time so we decided to knock one more! Sure enough the lord takes care of us and we are invited in and share the Restoration with 4 People! They are awesome! They are African so kinda speak broken English but that is okay! So we have a member that we will take that knows some of the African Dialects with us!!  

Well Thursday was Turkey day, (be ready for you tears of sadness for Elder Lee) So we went and served some turkey dinner to the homeless in the Morning! Well Then we went to our apartment with Elders Murray and Jefferies to get something I had of Elder Murray's we talked a bit! Then we both didn't have a dinner so we went to the only open food joint in town! Braums a fast food restaurant! We were okay with it cause we were hungry and so That was fun to do!  

Friday was super fun, Went and visited a whole lot of people and talked to them about coming back to church and why it is important! It made me realize Even when I hated going to church and was like this is so stupid! I am Glad to know that I had good parents who took me to church so that I could learn all kinds of amazing things! I love yall!  

Saturday was a rough day I had a SUPER BAD MIGRAIN it was bad! So we stayed in most of Saturday but I prayed and Heavenly Father gave me the strength to go out that night and teach people!   

Sunday was another great day! Went to church and we helped teach the 5th Sunday and I kinda called the Singles ward to repentance and so I am sure I offended everyone there! So that okay! Well My week was super good! and I love yall So much!  

Love,  Elder Justin Cody Lee

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