Monday, November 24, 2014

Finding Friends In Fort Worth!

Justin ran into our family friend Roger in downtown!

On top of the world in Fort Worth! 

November 24, 2014   

Well Yall My week was good till I found out y’all are going to the Broncos game without me! So that's a buzz kill! But oh well!!  
Tuesday- Well Tuesday Was super good we had a good lesson with one of our investigators Donzellas and he is hopefully progressing and coming closer! Then we had a good appointment with George too! Then we had an Exchange with Thomas who is a member of the Ward and he took us out to eat (which is good and bad cause we eat out a lot but I am grateful I get to eat!) and then met with some other Members of the Ward and Challenged them to the Book of Mormon Challenge!  

Wednesday- We had Zone Council and that was a really good meeting. We got to know the members of our zone better which was super good!  Then we all went to CICI's and Ate the $5 dollar all you can eat pizza and so that was super good and I got to spend some time with Elder Murray who is my old Comp so that was fun! TheWe had dinner with Lindsey who is really cool she took us to the TCU Cafeteria to eat which is super good! It’s like the MTC! Then we went and Contacted around TCU Campus!  

Thursday- We had a Weekly planning session and that was super good because we actually knew people and what some of their needs are and what we need to teach so that was really good! Well then we went and Ate Dinner With JJ and Pizza Snob which is like Subway but for pizza and so that was super good! Then we went and met with some Formers and Potentials! Then we walked down town and it was super cool cause I got to talk to Roger and it was weird to see someone from my home here in Texas! So I was like sweet we talked for a little bit and it was super fun!  

Friday- We had and exchange with our district leader and I had Elder Mansuray in my area to see if he could help us find a new investigator! We helped a member move out then we took off to lunch with Zac another Stud member of the ward! Then we went to Walk the TCU Campus and me and Elder Mansuray got interviewed by the TCU paper and so that was super sweet! Then we went to dinner @ our apartment and talked and Elder Mansuray is a stud missionary and I really like him! Then we walked down town again!  

Saturday- We Exchanged back and it was super good! And me and Elder Esplin set out at about 4 I got so upset because we were blowing all of our miles for the month driving and our area book was so messed up! So I went back to our apartment and organized it till dinner! Dinner was with the White Family the 1st Councilor in the Bishopric and so we had Frito pie! Super good! I will make it when I get home! and then we went to Visit some more people!  

Sunday- Well Got to church had our meetings and then Guess who shows up at the YSA ward? President Ames! So I was super excited to have him there! He just has a good spirit with him! And so that makes things super easy! But then we went to visit a girl who is in our ward and is in a rest home! Girl has the Strongest Testimony I have ever seen, brought me to tears! IT was super awesome!  
Well that my week hope yalls Is good!  

 Elder Lee 

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