Monday, November 17, 2014

First Week In Fort Worth!

Justin and Elder Esplin
The Alejos Family! 

Brother Pack 

The Woods Family!

Snow in Texas!!

November 17, 2014 

Howdy Y’all from FWT,  

Well Wow what a change from small town country to big city boy! Crazy change but I love it and I love the new challenge I am taking on! Well back ground on what happened this week! So Wednesday we drove to the Hurst Stake Center and met for Transfers. There I met Sister Byington and Twitchell who were the Sisters serving in this area! Well ME and Elder Esplin "White Washed" (Jordan Explain that term to Mom) So me and Elder Esplin our both new to the Area which makes it super hard! But anywho!! WE cover the entire FORT WORTH STAKE!!!  

Wednesday - So me and Elder Esplin took off from Hurst which is super fun then drove to our new apartment on 5th avenue! We got there the whole place smelled like a Girls apartment! So that was no fun! Well then we started reading from our area book to figure out what things needed to be done for the whole day and for things to get done for us to keep the area going! WE cleaned up and unpacked and then we headed out and started to go see some Investigators and Some others on our list!! Well  After WE had dinner with a Gal in the ward named Lidnsey! She is awesome and is a Recent Convert and is an Art Major at TCU! P.S.  TCU I think hates Mormons!! Any who that was really great she told us all about the ward and things to look for and ways to find new people! So we were really excited about that!  

Thursday- Thursday was weekly planning and So we really didn’t do much cause we still knew about Zero about the Area and so we made plans to challenge all of our Members to the 120 day reading challenge so that we could start to build trust with each one of the Members! TheWe decided to go visit some LA and some Former investigators and to work with them! Well our Formers really suck because most of them were college kids who went bye bye long ago so we are still trying to figure that all out! Well we had a member of the FT 8th drop off dinner and it was like super good so we were super pumped about that!  

Friday- Friday was just a super cold day and we were running to the end of our rope of people to visit! Which was good cause we met with our bishop and we got some great and awesome Ideas about how we can strengthen the ward and find some new investigators to come to our ward!!  

Saturday we helped the YSA clean the building which was good cause we are going to meet with each of them individually to challenge them to the Book of Mormon Challenge and so it was good to start putting some names with some faces for all that! Well we worked our buns off all day and then had a YSA guy call us and say he had a friend who wants to hear the gospel so we went and talked to them and were super excited for that! So we went and met this young man! He is super cool! We taught him L1 and the Spirit was so strong! He is way nice.  

Sunday was super awesome! Well I got to see Elder Murray again because he is in our Zone so I get to talk to him every week! He goes home at the end of this transfer! So I was super excited to see him! Then we go to meet the Ward and got to mingle and get to know each of them! They are awesome and I am looking forward to working with every single member who we get to work with! We had dinner with two med students both from BYU and one from Arizona which was way fun! They are Awesome! WERE GONNNA BLOW THIS PLACE UP WITH NEW PEOPLE I FEEL IT!!  

Well Me and Elder Esplin love each other and get along great! I am loving it! And it’s amazing I love each of you so much!  

Love yall,  
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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