Monday, November 10, 2014


It's raining Elders! 

Hallelujah its raining Elders! 

He's the king of the world! 
Meet the Mormons activity night! 

November 10, 2014 

Well Hey Yall,  

Well Big news today I am getting Transferred!!!! I am going to Fort Worth YSA!! I will be serving with Elder Esplin so I will let yall know how well that goes!!  So I will be in "home base" as yall could say! I am excited but not for leaving the Copperas Cove 1st ward it is really the best!! Well I guess I should tell you about my week!! 
Tuesday - Well we had an exchange with the Gatesville Elders so Elder Farr from Bountiful Utah came on down to spend the day with Me and Kay! It was super fun! We Worked our (as Elder Farr would put it) "Bum Cheeks off" haha it was even better because it was like down pouring Rain! and it was super awesome cause we were like super wet all day! So we had an exchange with the Woods boys and it was super fun! So we came back and we worked out in our apartment and did a lot of fun things together! We got DQ at like 8:55 Killed me!  

Wednesday - Well it was super weird because me and Elder Farr got like a talking to by our Companion!! So that was really weird well it was super fun! We went to District Meeting and Worked District Meeting all day! Then we worked on our poster for meet the Mormons! We had an exchange with Bro Alejos he is like the best! It was just me and Him so I got to know Brother Alejos super well and I love him! He wants me to come work for him in is Travel company so that super good!  

Thursday - Thursday was a super good day! So Elder Kay is a district Leader in Saginaw so he had to go to a meeting and so is was me and Elder Johnson for a whole day! It was really good I got to know who Elder Johnson is and where he come from so we got to have a lot of fun together!! He isn’t So bad After all! Well we had a fun exchange that night with Conner Lake an 18 year old who will be leaving for his mission at the end of the school year!  

Friday - Well it was the Meet the Mormons event at the stake center so we spent all day up there setting up and it was a really good success and it was really good to see all the people who came and watched everything there! It was awesome to see people who had no idea about the church talk about it! It was really a good success! I have some pictures!  

Saturday was kinda a bummer cause Elder Kay was really sick so we had to stay inside all day! Which really sucks cause its super boring but that’s okay! I love Kay anyway!  
Sunday was super long to we had church and Elder Kay was sick again! So we played doctor with him!  
Well Yall that’s my week and I am super excited to hear from yall  I Love yall so much and Hope all goes well!  
Love,   Elder Justin Lee   

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