Monday, November 3, 2014

"His Grace Is Sufficient!"

November 3, 2014

Hey Family, 
Well I am grateful for your inspirational words! I love yall so much and I am grateful to have the best family!  I would love to just share what I have learned about the Atonement of Jesus Christ! So this week I listened to a talk by Brad Wilcox called His grace is sufficient! He tells a story about a young girl who tells him all the things that we shouldn’t do cause we are "Mormon" and that she couldn’t understand grace! He answers this way "Jesus doesn’t fill gaps" I thought about that this week with my work! and I asked myself one question? Am I waiting for Jesus to fill his gap? As I thought about this question it made me realize that I was waiting for Christ to fill in his gap! So I issue a challenge to all of you at home? Will you study out the Atonement and find out What part of Christ covers us? and next week I will follow up!   
Well this week has been really busy and super crazy!  
So I will start with Wednesday, So this Wednesday we had an exchange with the zone leaders and so me and Elder Mitchell and Elder Kay where in Copperas Cove working! We talked a lot about the Zone and the work in Cove! Elder Mitchell is a stud. We taught an amazing family!  

Thursday: We exchanged back and went to Firestone to get the tire fixed and then Elder Johnson went with the office Elders to clean out the apartment in Lampasas because they closed it! So we went to Dinner at Bishop Reeds and he is an amazing man and I will continue to work with Members of the 2nd ward cause they need it!  

Friday: We went up to Firestone again to get our brakes fixed which sucked because we were running short on miles and things weren't  going our way! Well we went out to Lampasas to work with Elder Crockett the Senior Elder in our district! He is a stud! We taught Sherrile and she was asking Why Bad things happen to good people! So I have been studying that to hopefully give her an amazing answer! That night the office elders stayed with us again! And Elder Wilcox stayed with us and wants me to chew out Brittney for not sending him a wedding invite! Me and Elder Wilcox stayed up till like 3:15 am that night just talking and having a bro convo!  

Saturday: The sisters had a baptism and we went to support them and they were really awesome!  
Well short letter  I apologize!  
I love you all SO much!!   
Love Elder Lee  

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