Monday, October 27, 2014

Trunk or Treat and Splits with Charlie Woods!

Don't Ask...

Don't Tell...

The family costumes Justin is referring to. 
October 27, 2014

Well Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

Y’all are quite the Happening Group of Young delinquents! Its super sad cause Brittney and Ryan look like they spent hours dressing up for grease PS. Ryan hand your man card over! Amanda and Spencer are like look a likes of Sheldon and whatever weird girl is! And Jordan looks like good ole man! Dad got his costume 3 minutes before y’all left the house and mom, Your Miss E impression is spot on! AND HOLY HELL Y’ALL TRY WAY TO HARD!!! The old mission president Sagers has a quote that hangs around here! "Hell and Damn aren't swear words they are necessary" So yes I can say Hell!

Any who Lets get to the Board shall we!
Tuesday was a good day! So WE went to Help our good friend Sherry with some chores which was super good! Then we went to the Good ole Lampasas Mission which was really fun cause I love it there and I love the people who work there! Then we had an appointment with a Recent Convert and we are working on their mother Janice and are hoping that things are going well in that direction! Then we had dinner with Bishop Reed who is a stud! Then we had A triple exchange! So I went with Charlie Woods who is a stud tight end (like me ;) ) and he is a senior! Me and Charlie are like bros man it’s cool to see that him and his brother Ryan our going to be stud missionaries one day! We Went and talked to his friends all night and met some fun people! So that night all together we taught 7, Member Present, Lessons and got 5 New investigators!

Wednesday we had district Meeting that day which went really good! Well till after! So after we got done and went to check cars! Our car had a flat tire! So we had to drive to Harker Heights! Which is like from our house to Woods Cross! So that chewed up a good chunk of our day! Then we had dinner with the Von Rugishes who is an amazing family and they work really hard at their callings and they are awesome folks! Then we went to visit the Parker family who are again some amazing people! We are working on their mom! She is awesome! Even if she doesn't get baptized she is Still amazing! So that's good!

Thursday We had Weekly planning and y’all know my feelings on weekly planning. Then we went to get Elder Johnson a Flu shot because I guess he needed one so that was fun! Then we went and had dinner with Sister Sheppard in the 1st Ward and she is the primary president and she is awesome! Then we had an appointment with Sister Tigner who is like my grandma on the mission she takes good care of me! Then we had another appointment with Parkers again and they rock and it was awesome! Then we had an appointment with the Jones family and it was really really good!

Then we have Friday - So we went and talked to an older lady named Sister Paterson who is the sweetest lady in the world! We had dinner with a member out there who thinks Toney Romo is the Resurrected Jesus! But that's okay he still sucks! But our Friday was lame!

Then Saturday We had a good time at the trunk-or- treat and it was really good all the kids where all dressed up and having the best times ever! Then we had another investigator there so that was good!

Sunday- Well we had our primary program this past week and I love it! The spirit was there! Then we went out and had Dinner With the Linders who are amazing members of the Second ward! I love them! They own a ranch and they are super nice people!

Well that was my week! Life’s good!! It’s a great day to be alive!

I love y’all so much

Elder Justin Lee

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