Monday, October 20, 2014

Dawson's Big Day!

Dawson's Baptism! 

Obedience Pays!

Justin with the tie Megan sent him! 

October 20, 2014 
Hey ALOHA, (thought that would be okay to say since there is a poly in the room with us)
Well Hope all is well sounds like it is!
So Wednesday we were in the great and thriving Metropolis of Lampasas, Which is good! So we saw a guy named Kole then we would Tract then we went and saw Sherry and then we would TRact then after we went and saw Dex and then we would TRAct! Then we saw a few people that night but we had more time so again we decided to TRACT!!!!!! Tracting is like the Lords way of saying you Suck as a missionary! But I hear the more you tract the better looking your future wife gets! But I don’t know how true that statement is because mine exceeds a perfect beauty so I don’t know! Well anyway it was really good to go and have all that experience of just tracting! My feet hurt so bad after that!
Thursday was an awesome day we went up to Fort Worth to have a Zone Conference with Elder Cardon of the Seventy and he was really good! He has a unique way of speaking and so you have to work your way into his message! Anyway he told us all about how we can recognize the spirit more in our teaching! He was really good because he has always worked hard at getting missionaries to understand that important fact! It was really good because I got to see Elder Murray and Elder Sikilati too, so I was really pumped up about all that! So we did that for like 7 hours which made for a long day! Then the members who drove us up to Fort Worth had family have us over for dinner and this family is straight awesome! They are so amazing and stuff went really well with them! Then after We drove home it took till like 10:45 pm to get home so we were up at like 5 am so it had been somewhere around like a 15 Hour day and so we were like super tired after that!
Friday Was really long because we had weekly planning! IF I ever leave this church weekly planning will be the reason I do that and I am not kidding! It is so long! Well we Got the Program for Dawson's baptism all lined up and so we were able to get everything all worked out in that sense and so I was super excited for that to get all figured out and I was so excited for His baptism and he was so ready for it too! His mother is really enjoying the message we share! I love the Parker family!
Saturday So Saturday was Dawson’s big day! We went and started getting the font filled in the morning and as always time flies when you are having fun and I was so excited for him and for his work that he put toward it and I was so excited for him! He was so not nervous and he was just so ready it was crazy and we are so excited he finally did it! Well after we went to Lampasas again and so while down there we went with Brother Torres an amazing member of my ward and he is super willing to help people out, he has an amazing conversion story! So we went to see Sherry again and we just want to help her out so bad and she is so ready to go to the temple! We are doing service tomorrow and so that will be fun! Then after that we went to Natalie’s house to see her family! She is a single mom but a good one! WE love her we are trying to help her out with anything she needs! She has a great heart and wants to come back to the gospel! She  is super amazing and she will come back!
Sunday was another great day! Went to church all day cause we cover two wards and so that was a really long day! but then we got to go to the Pack girls baptism, she invited the missionaries to go with her and I was super excited cause she asked me to pray and be a part of her confirmation She is awesome! Again your gonna here me brag about my good friends the Packs that I love so much and when I leave this area I will miss them so much. We also saw some people who are from Mona, Utah and related to Elder Kay which is really crazy cause not a whole lot of people are from MONA! So that was good! All in all a great week! I love y’all a lot and thank y’all so much for all the prayers and for the letters and gifts it’s so nice!

Well Love y’all so much,
 Elder Justin Lee

Mom I got the money grandma sent me tell her thank you and that I LOVE HER GUTS!!!!!

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