Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pickles, Popcorn, and Pigs!

Pickle and Popcorn farewell party for Elder Murray! 

What's a party with out a pig?

Justin and the pig.

October 14, 2014   

Well Hello Yall,  
Well Things are going well here in the Texas Fort Worth Mission! We have a Baptism this next week and I am Super Excited!!  
Well Week Run down:  
So Tuesday was a really crazy day. We had to take our Malibu in to the Dealer so that the recall could be fixed on it! We also had Zone Council and we talked about our goals for this month and next! We went to Rosa's as a zone and ate lunch! We were  out in Lampasas working for the day and we saw a lot of great people out there and so that was super good! Then I went with the High Priest Group Leader and went to see some LA and Part Members! So we went to the BeYas (and yes that’s how it is spelled like that) and we taught them about the importance of the book of Mormon! It was awesome so we challenged them to read Alma 7 which is about the Atonement! So that was a really good thing! Then we talked about members of our ward and talked about members we could help come closer to Christ!  

Wednesday: Wednesday was kinda a dud it was like everything that could go wrong did go wrong! Every single house we tracted shut the door in our face and then every single thing that was going wrong was just making me more aggravated that no one was listening to us! Then we came back and had Dinner with Brother Martin in Cove! Which as really good cause everything went good after that! We taught the Morton’s! so that was really good!   
Thursday  We had Weekly planning Which takes way to freaking long and makes me want to put my head through a wall but that's okay! I didn’t worry about that! That night we went and taught the Parkers and  they are just an amazing family and things are going really well with them and things are amazing there! Daweson is getting closer to Baptism every single day and it is awesome! He is getting baptized on Saturday so that will be amazing! We answered his step moms questions! and we are sure she is getting baptized. She is super solid and how things are going super well there! And they just got married so we dodged a whole big bullet there!  

Friday: Friday we had a really long drive to Waco for our "zone Conference" the reason I put quotes around that was because it wasn’t  really a zone conference it was a special screening of the MEET THE MORMONS movie and that is super good! Take people to it! We are super Excited to be a part of that! Well then we had an Exchange with Gatesville and guess what mom is WAS the DD (designated driver) for that so you’ll be mad! but that’s okay! I drove for 26 Hours it was really fun! Anyway Me and Elder Larson had a good time in Gatesville saw a bunch of less actives!  

Saturday: Saturday we went and saw more less actives in Gatesville and saw a bunch more people and it was awesome! Then we had Stake Conference and Elder Lawrence  from the 70 was there and he taught some really awesome things for Members to be better missionaries so that was awesome that a 70 threw down on members!  

Sunday: We had a nice long Meeting with Elder Lawrence and he counseled the missionaries to become better at working with members and that we would have to work with them to make them better!  

Monday: Monday was P-day and it was crazy we went to C&H with a member Brother Fano who is awesome! Oh C&H is a Hawaiian Restaurant! and it was really good! Then we had Zone P-day and we played soccer! And that was awesome but I am super sore from it though! but that was super fun!  
Well family that is my week! I love yall so much!!  
Love Yall,  
Elder Lee  

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