Monday, October 6, 2014

Another Date Set!


View of Copperas Cove

October 6, 2014

Well hello yall from good ole Copperas Cove,  
Things are going well here had transfers and Elder Murray took off this past week and I miss him a whole Heck of a lot! Got my new comp! writing you a letter about that today so just look forward to hearing from yall!  
Well, Day one so we went on P-day to go and see some of the Families in our ward that Elder Murray wanted to go and see and so that was really good! We talked for a long time to the Pack Family! He is my Best friend and I love them! Then we took off to Lampasas for the Night!  
Tuesday was really good we worked out in Lampasas and did some really good work out there and talked to a lot of awesome members and a lot of Less Actives! We also worked at the Lampasas Mission. It was 25 cent Volunteer shop day!  So Elder Lee kinda spoiled himself got himself 2 Pairs of dress shoes and so that was good! (I am a cheep o) anyway we came back to Cove Tuesday night and talked to some Members on Base so that Elder Murray could say good bye! After that we went back to our place and let Elder Murray Pack his stuff up! We had a nice testimony meeting (kinda) we told each other how much we enjoyed serving with each other and how amazing it was! Lots of Man tears were shed! 
Wednesday- So Elder Murray went to the Stake Center for Transfers at 4 am! So me and Elder Kay went and did some time and picked up some things for our new comp! We went to the Stake Center to pick up Elder Johnson!  He is nice. After that we went and taught a few lessons! After that we had Dinner and we went to Lissa and talked with her! We taught her lesson on how we are going to help her come closer to god! We were so excited because we set a baptism date with her for Oct 25th so that’s really exciting! 
Thursday we had daily planning and so things took forever because things get complicated! Tell yall later! Love yall! Any Who we went to teach the Morton's to talk with them! We love them they are amazing people! I love them a whole heck of a lot! But anywho Friday  we went out to Lampasas and did a whole lot of tracting which is good cause it helps me become a better missionary and things go better that way! Anywho we went to visit Pete and talk with Pete about how awesome Pete is! Pete is our best friend and we love Pete! We are still hoping and praying for baptism date! We also talked to Helen and she is really nice! We love her a whole heck of a lot and things are going well!
Saturday! Saturday we went and watched conference at the Stake Center All Day! I LOVE CONFERENCE ON THE MISSION!!!! It is truly amazing and I love it a lot! I love the Talks by, as always, Jeffery R. Holland! Cause he knows how to bring the Spirit! Then after the First Session of Saturday! A member of the Killeen wards took all the missionaries in the Zone out to eat at Golden Coral it was awesome! I loved it! 
Then on Sunday we went to The stake Center Again for the Sunday sessions! In between the two sessions of conference the YSA branch down here had a brunch for all the missionaries so that was really good!   Well that was my week! I hope yall have an amazing week and I hope all is well! I Love yall so much!  
Love Yall,  
Elder Justin C. Lee

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