Monday, September 29, 2014

Busy Week!

I'm pretty sure it's illegal to steal tape from the post office!

Justin, Elder Kay and Elder Murray and....a cat. 
September 29, 2014 Busy Week 

Howdy Yall,  
Well it’s great to see that things are going great down there and so we are super grateful to know that things are going good!  
So Tuesday was an amazing day! We got to go work out in Lampasas and do some work out there and things are going well and so that’s good! We went to the Mission out there and worked and helped people out and so things are going well out there and so that was really fun! Then we went to visit good ole Brother Mole and he is awesome! He lives out in the middle of nowhere! (you think I am kidding I am not) Then we went to the Panets for dinner and it was super good I got Acupuncture done just a little not a lot! Sister Panets is an Acupuncturist! So that was really fun! Then we came back and Had a lesson with A single lady that was a referral and it was good!  

Wednesday! We had District Meeting and so I was asked to give training and my training was on the BOOK OF MORMON! Which is an amazing book! Then we went from there and went to visit the Moores and they ended up being busy so we were like this is stupid! After we did that for a while we busted our behinds to  get back for dinner with Brother Martin! We did that and it was sick! Brother Martins my bro! and then we went and saw some Less Actives and a referral! But it was Elder Kay and myself, Elder Murray went on an exchange with brother Martin!  

Thursday was weekly planning and so we did that most of our morning and our afternoon! Then after we did that we Went and Visited Issac and Zamian and saw how good they were doing! Their awesome little boys! So after we did that we came home for dinner and ate at the Apartment! Then we went on an Exchange with a member of our ward and we went to a Few Families! And after we did that we drove out to Lampasas!  

Friday was another great day! We went to do time! Then we went back to see good ole Brother Mole and so things were awesome with him! We love that guy! Then we Ate dinner with the Gerkes and so that was good had some awesome Steak! and then we had to drive back to Cove were we Visited people!  

Saturday - We were in Cove all morning and so after we did some things in Cove we visited a few less active members or Potential investigators!  

Sunday was really long it was fast Sunday cause of conference and Stake conference! So that was really long day! But we ate dinner with the Woods family! I love that Family and I am excited to meet with them more! Their Boys Ryan, and Charlie are studs! Football Guys! Charlie is a senior and Ryan is a Junior so things are going well out there!  
Monday was Transfer info! Well I am staying but I will have Elder Kay and Elder Johnson will be here and so I will have them with me for the next 6 weeks! (So nothing changes with me)  
Well Love yall so much!  
Love Yall,  
Elder Justin Lee 

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