Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trio Companionship!

September 8, 2014 

Hello North Dwellers,  
Well things are going super sweet down here! Still HOT but that’s okay! We looked at this sign on a church it said "Texas Summers are Not hotter than Hell" Me and Elder Murray laughed and said if there is Hell were in it! Well funny story for the week! Our Diet is working I’m getting skinny! Well this week was good! So we will start at Wednesday cause! So we went to Killeen so we could get some stuff for this diet and so that was really good! Then after we came home and ate lunch! Then we went to Terri’s and talked to her for a little bit and trying to work with here! Then we went and visited a new Investigator the Mortsons so they are an older couple and things are going really well and so we are working hard! That night we had an exchange with Bro Alejoes and we taught Lissa and worked with her and hopefully we will get her to church this week so that’s good! Thursday was an amazing day we had interviews with President! ALRIGHT PRESIDENT AMES knows the answer to every question! so anyway we had an amazing interview he gave me great council and so I am applying that to my life! After we went with Elder Chain and Elder Kay and Elder Murray to wing stop! Super Good! Then we went and talked to a few people! Friday was really good we had Daily Planning and so we planned for the next couple weeks! Well our friend Elder Chain who is the Visa Waiter GOT IT!! So we are really excited about that! So that night I got in to a HARD CORE BIBLE BASH!!!!!!! It was the coolest thing in this earth! We aren’t supposed to do that so we repented (so grateful for the Atonement)! Than Saturday was really good we went to a baptism for some Elders in our Zone! After that we had DLC which is like for Elder Murray but I have to sit in there! But it is super great council from the Zone Leaders! We then went on an exchange that night with the Crocketts our Senior couple! They are awesome and we talked to a lady on Fort Hood whose husband deploys soon so we went to help and comfort her which was really great! Then Sunday! We had Church and Fast Sunday which is really good because I got to fast for some great help and for other missionaries! and For yall too!! But I was so excited because we had a chance to give a blessing to a lady who is going for surgery and so we did that and it was really awesome! Well after we got a phone call that me and Elder Murray would be in a Trio Companionship! So I am getting a new companion and his name is Elder Kay! Elder Kay is Elder Chains companion so thats good! Well we will be working our area and Lampasses for the next couple of weeks and so we are going to be stellar in those areas and work hard! So we are excited! We love it! Well family that is my email for this week and I hope that everything goes well this week! T-minus 2 weeks till our First Baptism as a companionship! Yes! But anyway I am excited!  
Love yall So much,  
Elder Justin C. Lee 


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