Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lots of Teachin'

September 2, 1014

Well Hello Little town of WP!! 
Well our week has been really good and bad but good, all-around it was Great! I’m on a mission right nothing goes wrong when you’re on the Lords work!  Well Monday was kinda a bust but that’s okay because we always have another day! So then we get to Tuesday which was better! We went and saw Terri who is a lady who we cannot really tell if she is interested or if she isn't so we just go teach her the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! haha Then we went and talk to a Wendy and James. This couple is of a different faith and so we went there and met with her and she said to plan a day that we could come back so we did! Then that night we went to Issac and Zamin and they are so solid I am so excited for the both of them to become members! I am really excited to Baptize Zamin! He is such a stud and he is progressing really well and things are starting to click with him! After that we got a Referral from the CC2 Ward so we went and visited her and taught her the restoration! This was good so we set up a return appointment with her! Wednesday We had a Solid district meeting! It was nice to see all the new missionaries in our district and so we were really excited to hear about all that! After that we went and tracted out some people no one to serious but taught a few lessons! We were so excited for that! That night we went on an Exchange with Bro Alejoes and he is the coolest guy! anywho us and reggie reggie oxynfree (I'll give anyone at home 15 Bucks if they guess that movie) anyway went to see Lisa and we taught here about lesson five and she wasn't to excited about that and so we asked her to pray and then we left! After we left she called 5 minutes later and we talked to her and she said she was going to do the commitments we left with her!! So we were super stoked!! Then Thursday we went to Planning and then we Went and helped move a new family that moved into Fort Hood which was super nice! We did that and we went to Bro Alejoes for dinner and it was awesome! If you can’t tell I love the Alejoes family they’re amazing! Anywho we went and taught Zamin and Issaic and that went really good and so we were super excited to do that! Then we Hit Friday! After we got done with our Studies we went to help that same family move some more! Then we went on an exchange with Elder and Sister Crockett(senior couple in our district and ward! Awesome missionaries) after we had dinner with them and talked to them about members of the ward! Saturday we went to the Bike Shop (Mom don’t freak out! And yes I did call CTR they don’t cover Jack!) Well anywho they went there so I could get my crank shaft fixed that was 30 dollars I didn't want to spend! Anywho then we went to C&H's which is like home made Polynesian Food! BEST FOOD EVER!!!! So after that we went back to our house and we went and visited some of the Less Actives in the ward! Then we came home and went to Bro S for some dinner! Then to a baptism! It made me really excited to see that in a few weeks that’s me!! Then we Hit Sunday! Sunday was the usual church sacrament and all that! Then we went and taught a few people! Monday was Labor Day (that’s why I am emailing today) and P-day! So we went and bought the stuff for our "Maple Syrup Diet" yes I am doing it! Look it up!! It’s so gross! But oh well! Then we went with Elder Chain and Elder Kay to go to play ball!! It was really fun! Then we came home and went to visit the Wendy and James! Well things got a little out of hand and the bible was bashed! Any who all in all great week!  
Love yall so much,  
Elder Lee 

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