Monday, August 25, 2014

Sun After The Storm!

Texas View!
Aug. 26, 2014   

Well Hello Family, 
Things are going I would say above average this week!  
Well Tuesday: We did really amazing things this week so today we went and did time and I watched Joseph Smith, The Prophet of the Restoration. It was really good! After that I listened to Jeffery R. Hollands Testimony of the book of Mormon! WOW Jeffery R. Holland is really a special man! That guy just makes me want to be a better missionary! After that we went to our friend J's she isn’t to interested in the whole church but her sons are really so we have been teaching them the gospel and things went really good! Then at night we biked clear the freak to the end of our area which is like a 2 hour bike ride! Yes my bum was really sore and things didn't work out down there but that was okay!  

Wednesday: today was Transfer calls and so me and Elder Murray found out that we are going to be staying together for another transfer! So that’s really good! We met the new Elder out in Lampasas his name is Elder Kay and is a really good missionary! Then We went and talked to Al who is our best friend who doesn’t want to learn the gospel but we are working really hard to get him to learn the gospel! After we went back for lunch we went to some former investigators and with no such luck we went back and had an Exchange with brother A and he is an army recruiter and he gives us cool stuff! I love brother Alejos we went and taught a couple of lessons and had a good chat with our good friend Lisa and she is really kind sorta interested in the Gospel!   

 Thursday: Well Thursday was Planning so we sat in side for a few hours planning for our investigators and for us working hard to get these investigators to be baptized! So after that we went to the Doctor so Elder Murray could get some blood work done! And after we went to talk to J's Boys again! Well we COMMITED THEM BOTH TO BAPTISIM and we were really excited for that! After that we went and had dinner with the Barneys and that was really good! After we went on and Exchange with Brother Hakes and we went to a couple homes and then went to a referral! Back ground on this referral is that she referred herself to the missionaries and so we were really excited and she was super solid! We taught her a little bit! And she had a lot of questions!  

Friday: We went and had taught Margee and Miae that they needed to come to church or they wouldn't get baptized on the 17th of this next month and so we got them a ride and everything so we prayed that she would show up then we went to our Dinner appointment and it was wired but cool! Then we went on an Exchange with Brother Olsen and we taught some people but we didn’t get to see a lot of other people! But it was really good!  

Saturday: Today was the best day of the week! So we went and did service for the Tigers and for the Alejoes and that was really good! Then we went to J's boys and WE taught them about Joseph Smith and things like that after one of the boys asked me to Baptize him! So I was like HECK YA!! I was so excited I almost peed my pants but I didn’t cause that’s what missionaries in Ethiopia do! After that we visited some people and our day went really good!  

Sunday: this was the Second best day of the Week!! We had all four of our baptism dates come to church so we were really excited to see that stuff going good! Then we had dinner with our friends the Packs and when we did that he taught us some cool things! They just got back from UTAH and so that was cool to hear about their trip. Then we went and gave a blessing to a family whose dad is deployed and one of the Kids asked me to give them a blessing so that made me feel good! Then we went and gave a blessing to a member of our ward and he asked me to give him a blessing! I was so excited to see that we had used our priesthood and things were good!   
I love Yall so much, 
Love Elder Justin C Lee 

(Justin wanted some extra money in his account but wouldn’t say why or how much) 
Mom, it’s a surprise just put like 20 more bucks on there and things will be okay! haha love you!  
Blanket is super Awesome!  
So glad you had a better week.  The money's going in after I get home from school at noon.  So proud of you love ya tons.  

 I LOVE you mom thanks!!  
(Justin had a little bike crash, Picture included) 
Did you have your helmet on? Are you keeping it clean? 

Yes my helmet was on! and Yeah it’s all scabbed over now!! 

Hey how come you answer your mommy but not your daddy? 
Rub some dirt on it you'll be fine! 

Cause yours shows up weirdWhat's up Daddy!! 
seen you got a little booboo.  Did you do it with tons of people watching?  

yeah It was Solid!! Hey Are you still sending the GPS I know your waiting till pay day! just wondering? I kinda need it!   but no rush love ya!! 

Thanks for what yall do for me I really am so so so super grateful  

Scouting deer for Jordan!

Bike Crash!

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