Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hard Week All Around!

August 18, 2014

Well it’s good to hear things were rough for y’all too!  It was tough this week! 

Monday: We had p-day so we were doing fine and things started to look really good so we met with some families and tracted!

Tuesday: We had a good study session and things were going really well and we went to the Scotts and had a talk with them and with our senior couple the Crocketts and we listened to a talk that Elder Crockett had gotten! Brother Scott really enjoyed it and so we were really excited! Things were going good! Then our dinner canceled on us so we went back and ate some food! Then after we did that we went and tracted out some people and found a girl named J and she was super solid!

Wednesday: We had District Meeting in Killeen and we did family history and found out that one of the senior couples is related to John D. Lee also so that was cool! Then we went with the Nielson's to do some service and did that till later! After that our dinner canceled on us again and things weren’t going so good! So we went and took a nap during dinner time! And our Alarm didn’t go off! So our Exchange showed up and we weren’t awake so that was really embarrassing and things just got worse! Our Baptism dates canceled again so that wasn't good! Then we went about a solid 0-8 on houses on our exchange! So that wasn’t a good day!

Thursday: We had an apartment inspection and so we did really good on that so we thought maybe our luck is starting to turn! Well that day the Nielsons had taken us out for lunch! Well we got to know a lot about the Neilson's! The Neilson's are a very hard working couple! They do really good things for the mission and for the singles Branches and they are like my Grandparents on the mission! Well after dinner we had to finish our planning session and so we did that! Well we tracted into a family on the other side of town! No one was interested besides the Grandma and so she was like super solid and so when we asked her for the address, she lives in Gatesville so we had to refer her to the sisters! So we were really upset about that! Our other Baptism dates canceled on us too! So we were upset!

Friday: Friday we had meetings and service so we didn’t get to go out a lot so our Friday was blown!

Saturday: We went and met with J and she wasn’t very excited to hear us! But her son like loves us and he knows that things we are teaching are very true! So he committed to come to church! We worked really hard to find more people to teach so we are working hard to find him! After that we went to our dinner appointment and we ate the Olson's and so that was cool to get to know them more and more every day! They are a missionary family! So that made us happy! Then we went on an exchange with our guy Brother Hakes! He is so solid! So we went and we saw about 0 of the ten people we needed and wanted to see! So, we were like really bummed about that whole ordeal! Well than that night we called everyone to ask them to come to church and we got a lot of commitments!  One showed up so it really bummed me out!
Sunday: We went to church and taught 2 last minute lessons so that really sucks because we didn’t even know what to teach! Then we went to this Senior Center to give this elderly man in our ward a blessing! this man has liver failure and so things are not looking good for him! Well after our blessing this elderly man passed to the other Side! It made me go back to Grandpa Brophy! It was super sad! I went home and just balled because I couldn’t get grandpa out of my head all day! So it was a killer! Then IT RAINED so my week was horrible!
But I do look forward to a new week to work hard! I’ll see how this goes!
Well Love you all so much!
Elder Justin Lee

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