Monday, August 11, 2014

3 Dates Set!!

The Kileen Zone
Aug. 11, 2014 

Everything is good here! So let’s go through the week! Monday P-day wrote yall, Went and played basketball, shopped at H.E.B for the first time which is like the smiths of TEXAS and it was cool! Then we went and had Dinner @ the Woods Family’s home!! OMG they have two stud football players! One is Charlie Woods, Charlie is a senior and is going on a mission after the school year and he is such a cool cat! I am excited about that and I can’t wait to see where he goes!! The other is Ryan who is about Drakes age and is a QB down here and so we are good pals! Ryan is stoked to go on his mission! And they are an amazing family!! haha Tuesday we had a good day went and did service with the sisters for this old lady who needed our help with yard work which is really fun! And we worked really hard! So then we tracted and not a whole lot of success there but it is still fun! Then we came home and had dinner dropped off! and so thats good! Then we went and visited a Recent Convert and that was good! Then we had Wednesday!! Wednesday we had Zone Training which was really good got to mingle with the Zone and get good council! Then we went and had talked to some Investigators then we came back and ate dinner at our apartment and we had an exchange with Bro Alejoes (who is the coolest guy on this earth) ahah and we went to our Baptismal dates house Daweson and guess what we had the whole family and the step mom Amy wants to know more about  the church and they were so excited and so we are doing really good!! Then Thursday, Thursday was a really long day we had to go to Hurst (3 hour drive) and go to the new missionary follow up meeting! We got awesome council from president Ames, he is really awesome! Man I love that guy! Then we went and got Costa Vida cause it’s like 4 Dollars and stuff so that is really good! oh yeah and it’s in Colleyville which is where Glen Beck Lives so grandma will love that and Colleyville has the richest Zip code in the US so yeah there are some loaded people there! Then we had dinner with a new family in the ward and it was really great!   Then we hit Friday and it was really good! We had another good day visiting some Former investigators and we talked to all the other investigators! Then we  came home for dinner and had a really good and awesome day! Then we went and taught a solid lesson with a former and her and her granddaughter are getting baptized on the 13th of September and we are like super stoked and are really excited! For that! So that’s 3 for me and Elder Murray in a two week period so we are slaying them!  Then we went on an Exchange with the ZL's which is great! Now to Saturday! So I was on exchange with Elder Worthen who has been out a little over a year and is from Orem and he’s like an amazing missionary! So we had to drive back to Cove to take Elder Weaver ( My other ZL who is super Funny) his wallet! Then we went and had correlation meeting! Then we talked to a guy from Kenya and Loves Ethiopia and wants me to send pictures to him so he can see them! But yeah! And then we went and tried to find a Thumb drive that Weaver lost which is really funny cause that thumb Drive is their  life! We love him though! And then we had a baptism and exchanges back! So all in all great week!  
Love yall 
Elder Lee   
P.s Mom SOrry about the money! But I have Some request can you put some money on my card so I can send some stuff and get some stuff! That I wanna send home! and OH YEAH can you send me a Blanket mine is so small and I am really cold at night! like a big one would be nice! And theI need a GPS! everyone has one down here they really help out with finding houses and since I don’t have one it makes it really hard to help out Elder Murray with finding homes and stuff! So A GPS would be really useful! I think that is all! and I LOVE YALL!!  

Sounds like you are rockin it!!!! What kind of GPS like a hand held like dads or one that plugs in to a car. when are transfers so I don't ship something and you get moved? How are you feeling when you teach the people? What kind of things are you eating for dinner? Are you cooking? 

Justin: Like one that plugs into the Car like a Garmin! and Transfers are on the 20th of August but I am staying in Copperas Cove I have another transfer of training still! The Feeling when we teach is absolutely amazing! I feel so good!!! Normal food like you make at home but not as good! and me and Elder Murray cook on a seldom once in a while!!  

Haircut Time 

Broken bike pedal

Sticky note reminder during exchanges! 

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