Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fasting Helps With Homesickness!!

Jell-O in ice trays!

August 4, 2014  

Well this week has been really good for me! So we have had a good time this week!! I set my first baptismal date and so that made me really happy and it was really good to know that he accepted and so that was really nice! Well Tuesday we went to visit a couple Named Alan & Sharron! Alan served in the military and thinks he may know Grandpa so I was pretty excited and so we are going back to check up on him! Then we went and talked to a lady who was really cool to talk to for a little! We thought she gave me and Murray some Mikes hard Lemonade and so we freaked out but then we found it was Limeade and so we were like okay we don’t have to call President! Then we biked home and went to dinner at the Stuarts! He is JACKED (has huge Muscles) anyway he got me and Murray a meal plan so we don’t get FAT! but that was cool and so after that we visited some RC's and gave them the new member lessons then we came home and started journals! Wednesday was really good we had district meeting! We did Christmas in July and everyone drew a name and we got a present for that person! The one stipulation was you couldn't spend any money! So we filled a box with stuff around our apartment!! I got a cool hat from the Senior Couple Elder and Sister Nielsen! But after that we went on a cool Exchange with Brother Alejos! Who is possibly the funniest guy I have ever met in my entire life!  We didn’t really get to see anyone but we got to hangout and drive around with him! Thursday we had planning so we planned for week 5! WOW I AM ALMOST THROUGH MY FIRST TRANSFER!!  Anyway so after that we went to the doctors for Elder Murray!! This doctor was very prideful but was very smart! Then we had dinner with the Edwards and it was really good!  So we worked really hard! Then we went and had a very good lesson with Wilma and I think she really enjoyed the things we had taught and so we were really good!! Then Friday we were in a trio for the day because one of the elders had to go to the doctors in Colleyville!   Which is 3 hours from here so it was fun to have Elder Chain with us! OH (Elder Chain is a visa waiter and so he is actually going to Brazil. He has been here for about 8 months) anywho We went and knocked doors and so we met a few formers and things! Then we went and taught DawesonDaweson is the Coolest kid I have ever met in my life he is working really hard at his commitments!  We committed him to Baptism on the 30th of August which is really good! Than we had dinner with Elder and Sister Crockett and they are awesome! We went and taught a lesson to Jessica and she was really willing to hear the gospel! First time getting in to her home and we were really excited! We then went and talked to Kenzie who is a new investigator who we tracted out about a week ago!  So we taught her a good lesson! Solid investigator! But she is from Puerto Rico and so we have to give it to the Hermana's so that they can understand better! Saturday we went and we did service all morning which was really good helped a family on base! After that we went to the Martins (our WML) and had a BBQ with some members of the ward along with some people who weren’t members so we had talked to them for a while! Which was fun! Then we went and saw Bro Martins Tarantula  (the spider) and he picked it up and was playing with it! but then we hit Sunday! Sunday was really good for me! I fasted and prayed that I would overcome Homesickness! And I did and I have now turned a new leaf! I am devoted to the Lord and I will be his servant! I heard a good quote "A lot of people went farther than they thought they could, Because someone thought they could" - Zig Ziggler. It hit me hard! I can go farther than I thought because my amazing family, friends, ward thought I could! I am so grateful for that! Then we went and had dinner with the Boyers! Sister Boyers daughter is leaving today to go to the Provo MTC so that she can go to Tampa Florida! Well family Yes I got my box and I am grateful for that thank you so much! Elder Murray loved his too!!  So we are having a good week!! Love yall and miss yall!!  


Elder Justin Lee 


Justin received his 'greeny' package. Or as he likes to call it his 'fatty stash' 

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