Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First Zone Conference!

July 28, 2014  

I am glad you got my letter I was happy to get that out of my system! Well had kinda a rough week!! Monday night Elder Murray got sick and so we were in the apartment for Tuesday and Wednesday!! So those days were really boring and so we watched like every Church DVD known to man!! So that was really good!! Then on Thursday we went out and we taught Lewis and so we invited him and his daughters to church on Sunday and they came! and he seems so interested! which is really good!! Then we went home and we ate dinner at home, then taught Fred and His mom (don’t remember her name) and so that’s good!! Then we also saw the Torres we answered a lot of their questions and so that was really good! Friday was a good day. We had Zone Conference and President Ames....... Man is like a prophet!! He taught us more about missionary work and how to be better at Finding people to teach!! We are in Finding in Cove so that really helped me and Elder Murray out a lot! Sister Ames gave an amazing training on Family history and so it really got me interested to use family history to help me find investigators. We had a Q&A with president Ames and holy cow it seems like that man knows every answer to every question!!  We also taught Terri. Terri trains PTSD service dogs! She has so many animals its crazy! Me and Elder Murray are trying to get into the door, she makes us talk on the porch, but we can see that we are starting to gain the trust of her and  her dogs, which are scary! Saturday we had to help our ward with the pioneer breakfast which was really good and help them take things down also! After me and Elder Murray went to help a member of our Ward move! He has some leg issues so he needed lots of service which me and Elder Murray were willing to provide! After we came home and studied and then went to dinner! These members made us Indian food which was really good surprisingly! Then we went and Talked to RJ and invited him to church! Then we went and knocked doors and got 2 other lessons so that was really good! Sunday we went to church where Elder Murray gave an awesome talk on the Holy Ghost which was good cause we had 3 investigators at church. Church was really good to because we got the blessing to pass the sacrament and so we were excited! Then we went to a fireside where President Ames and Sister Ames spoke again! So we got a Double dose which is really good! Again President Ames Testified and mad my heart turn so that made me happy! Now we are to Monday- which is weird because we went to a funeral of a member and the family was mostly Baptist but some were LDS and so they asked us to come! Which was good!!  Well family I am glad to hear about all of the fun and stuff going on at home!! I pray and love yall so much!!  
Elder  Justin Lee 

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  1. So cool Elder Lee! Sounds like an amazing week! Don't ya worry we are keeping an eye on your folks for ya! Keep up the faith! Love the Redford's