Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Killer Sheep Dog!!

Covers for Preach for Gospel! 
July 21, 2014 

Hey  Yall  
Well I had a good week this week! So after I got off with you I went and hung out with Elder Murray and we did cool things like we made a cool cover for my planner and PMG (Preach My Gospel)! then we went out and did some trackting and we met this guy named Oscar and he is interested in the church so he will be coming to church this week and so were pretty stoked about that! Then on Tuesday we had an Exchange with Lampasas which means I went to the city of Lampasas for a day and got a new comp for one day! Me and Elder Gibson went to this house and her name is Teeny and so she and her daughter are really good! They are really funny! Next day we went to District Meeting and were taught some really good things and then we got home and went and trackted and we met this Guy named RJ who is a Budist I think that's spelled wrong but oh well! then on Thursday we had an exchange with Brother Martin and we taught a couple good lessons and had a good time! Then after that we went on an exchange with Brother Olsen and it was really good and we taught a good lesion to a LA (Less Active Member) and we worked really hard at it!! so I was happy with that!! Saturday we went back and taught our Guy RJ who we taught for about an 1 Hour  and 1/2 and so we worked extremely hard at that!!! Then that night we had a baptism of a girl who the Sisters had taught and so that was really good! It was really funny cause the water was really low so it wasn't the best but she made it and is doing good!! Then Sunday we went to church and we had some really good speakers and such!! but my favorite part was we got to teach sharing time!  and we got to go to primary! I LOVE PRIMARY!! it was so awesome and the spirit was so strong!! Well then we went home and I GOT THE WORST HEADACHE I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! Like I almost thought I was gonna die but I still went out and worked but it was fun!! After me and Elder Murray road our bikes through an empty canal in the back of our apartment complex so that was really fun!! How are things there? How's home life? Miss you all so much!!!  
Love you,  
Elder Justin C. Lee 

Online Chat: 

Things were good hear and we worked!! We email at the Liberry ;) haha and so our internet is slow!! Elder Murray is from Orem!! and everything is working out just fine!! I am looking forward to the package you’re sending me!! and I need Jordan to send me another Ethiopian tie!! if he has any!!! I want another so I can trade it with people and so I can have it!! OH YEAH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU I ALMOST GOT EATEN BY A HUGE SHEEP DOG!! LIKE I WAS CLOSE to Death it was nuts!!!! but yeah 

Mom:  never heard of a killer sheep dog? 

NO joke this thing was like huge and I almost died!!! 

Justin was also very sad to hear of the death of his friends Daulton and Jaxon Whatcott in a plane crash.  We talked about the peace that comes from our knowledge of the gospel plan and that Families are Forever.
Texas size rain storm! 

Justin caught this duck in their apartment! 

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