Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First Week On The Job!

Elder Lee and Elder Lee
July 14, 2014 First Week in Texas 

Well we have had week one in Texas!!! I am serving in the Copperas Cove 1st ward!! Our ward is full of old people and Military and some young ones!!! Yes we have Fort Hood  in our area so we go on base a lot to talk to the members!!! Me and Elder MURRY are doing great we have  become such fast friends! We are in the summer slums here in Texas because everyone goes to their summer homes somewhere else! We are working hard to get a lot of new investigators and to work hard to make sure our ward is growing!!! Tuesday we flew in and the plane ride was really fun I got to talk to a lot of other missionaries who came with me to Fort Worth! I met props one of my best friends out here!!! ELDER SIKILATI he is my TONGAN brother!! Best Missionary out!! I love that kid so much!! Met President Ames, I’ll tell you more about him later in my letter!! Then we met the AP's and guess what one of our AP's is ELDER LEE!!! CRAZY!! So after we went to orientation we decided that we would go contacting with the AP's and President!! Guess who I got stuck with!! Elder Lee! So people gave us some funny looks as we walked out!! That night we had a BIG brisket dinner at President Ames house WOW best Brisket we have ever had!! Then we Went to the AP's and stayed there!!! Wednesday we went to transfer meeting and we met our trainers! Elder Coats Got sent to Arlington! I got sent 3 hours away to Copperas Cove!! First night there it was really awkward because it is just me and Elder Murray that live in our apartment! Thursday: Thursday we did our Ten day planning Session! Then went and tracked!! That was fun!!! Then came back and went and did Service!! After our Service a member bought us some Chinese food!! Friday: Friday we went to Zone training and learned new ways to use pamphlets, family history and a new thing we are starting is 21 steps to getting better grades!! I am working hard to use those more and more!! Then we came back and ate dinner! Went and knocked some doors!! After we went to Brother B's house and ate dinner and he is in the Army so we got to eat on Fort Hood!! After that we Went and visited some of the family's on base! We can't proselyte on  Base so we have a member take us to LA (less active) and PM (part member) homes so that we can talk to them!! Saturday: WOW!! So we went and studied and then we went and biked to see some NM (non-member) and PM or Recently contacted members that were in our Area book!! We biked forever!!! So yes we are on bikes!!! But it’s okay!!! We stopped at a members home to grab some water and they were really excited to see us! We talked to them for about an hour. They do sacraments in the prisons and Jails here in the Copperas Cove area and trust me there are a lot!!  Then we went home and ate dinner and then we went and contacted another investigator!! Taught a great lesson!! Here is where things get weird!! So we got a phone call from our Ward Mission leader and he had a referral for Travis and Ross!! So we go to this house and this guy invites us in!! Well then  another guy walks in and they are partners!!!!! Well they are like Flirting with me and like teasing me about stuff!! So it’s awkward right?? So we leave!! Come to find out it was our Ward Mission leader and another Member of our Ward!! Playing a prank on the Greeny!!! Brother Martin our Ward Mission Leader is an Army Ranger and is the coolest guy I’ve met!!! Brother Armstrong loves giving people a hard time!! Then we come to Sunday: Sunday we had church at 8:30 am! We went to church! This Ward is about as big as our primary!! They are like Crazy Small but that’s okay!! Had a good meeting with them!! I said the Opening Prayer the first Sunday!! Then we had a dinner appointment with Brother Pack who is an amazing man! In the High Council and works really hard at his calling and loves the missionaries! He is coming to UTAH for 3 Weeks!! Made amazing food!! Then we went and visited Brother B!! And had a great discussion with him!! Then came home so that Elder Murray could get numbers! He is the Big DL haha!! But that's good!!! And that is my week so far!! Really good!! And really fun!!! OH yes the High school Stadium is Huge nothing like you have ever seen!! And YES IT IS SO FREAKING HOT HERE!! Like I am dying!!!  
Well Family good to hear from Yall!!  
Love you so much!!! 
- Elder Justin C. Lee  

Elder S. 

Justin's Bike 

Elder Murray Justin's Trainer

Obviously, not everything is bigger in Texas!

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