Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Days and Counting!

Blistered feet=working hard! 

Making fajitas for dinner!!

Sept. 15, 2014  


How yall doing this week! Well we are super excited to say that WE HAVE A BAPTISIM THIS SATURDAY!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!! We have been waiting for this a while! OH AND TELL PRESIDENT P that next step is Mission president so he better not think that he is off the end of the chain yet!  haha Well this week has been good! So on Tuesday we got our 3 some companionship! So my guy Elder Chain left to Brazil and so Elder Kay is with us for 3 weeks so we are super excited about that! We went on a double Exchange too, so I went with the Hakes Family and Elder Murray went with brother Martin! We had a meeting with Z and his brother Issic and talked to them about tithing and how we are commanded! It was really good! Then we Met with a less active member and she said she would come to church! Then that night we came home and I went to the bathroom which was a super big mistake on my part! So Elders Murray and Kay thought it would be funny to kill the lights in the whole apartment! So I come outta the bathroom scared that the power went out! Then a Huge Mattress come hitting me and then Elder Murray and Kay are attacking me with it! It was a long night! Well Wednesday we had a good day we had a Good lesson with Lissa and talked to her and committed her to come to church! Then we went to the Crockett’s to help them with a Talk they couldn't find! After this we went home and went to Black Megs, cause we missed dinner! (BLACK MEGS IS THE BEST!!) So after that we had a fun night just cracking jokes!! Then we had a good Thursday we went To the Parkers and taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! OMG They are an amazing family and their son is going to get baptized so that's good! Elder Murray had to go to Gatesville to interview two of the Candidates for baptism! So me and Elder Kay went and taught Z and Issic so that they could get baptized on Saturday! Well Friday we had Zone Council and that was really good I got some great council there and we learned a lot! After Zone Council we had another Meeting that night with Z and Issic. Well unfortunately we had to drop one of their dates cause they are not quite ready! We were really sad cause he was going to be a solid baptism and things were going to work out! BUT no need to cry we have his brother Z getting baptized on Saturday! Which is really good! Well Saturday was long day we went to the Baptism in Gatesville! Elders Larsen and Farr are doing really great things up there and growing that Branch! Then we went to lunch with our District and  went to this really good Mexican Restaurant and ate great food! After we drove to Lampasses and did some work out there and then came back! That night we went and talked to Z and brought him to the baptism of another man getting baptized and let him watch that! He said something really amazing and it touched my heart and things went really good! After we did that he asked me to again baptize him and so I was really blessed for the opportunity that I will have to do that! Well Sunday was long we had to go to 2 Wards that day and we also had dinner with the Pack family, they are the best! We love them so much! Then we went to Z to plan out his baptism! There Elder Murray asked him who he wanted to confirm him! He looked at me and said Elder Lee I want you to! So I AM EVEN MORE Excited! Well All in all good week! I love yall so much and am so grateful for my family! Yall are amazing! Love you so much!!  
 Love Yall,  
Elder Justin C. Lee

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