Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Fantastic First Week!

Its Official!! 

July 2, 2014 First P-day in the MTC
Hello from the MTC, 
Well family it is awesome to hear from everyone! I have had so many awesome things happen since I got here to the MTC! I love it here! Besides 3 hour classes that really sucks! We have the best investigators (teachers and volunteers that come in so they can practice) and so we are working really hard to find their needs! Elder C and I have Danielle! She was catholic but went on this hate god deal for like 5 years so trying to get her to do things is really hard but at the same time the issue we are having from Danielle is that she will not pray! So trying to build her testimony is hard. She will come around and she will pray! We have been on our knees a lot lately! Our next investigator is Ben! We have met with Ben once and sounds like he may be a tough investigator but he will do amazing things! He had this girlfriend that was really good that he really wanted to help him out but she went on a mission so she is gone! He is Baptist so we thought about sharing James 2 and proving how wrong he is! Then we thought eternal Damnation sounded worse! haha But we teach him tonight and we are so excited to just teach him the gospel! I am a district leader and so you pray a lot for the members of your district! We had a sister in our district that was going through some tough times! We asked President Gerke (Gurr-Key) what we should do! So yesterday at Tuesday night Devotional Review she went and talked to President Gerke right after she did that she asked me for a Blessing of comfort! Okay giving a blessing to someone you DON'T KNOW ON A PERSONAL LEVEL is probably the hardest thing I have ever done! I had no idea what to say so right before I took a deep breath and prayed something would come out of my mouth and WHAT FREAKING HAPPENED it came out and I gave this sister an amazing blessing! It really Helped strengthen my Testimony! I love and miss you all.
Elder Lee

Elder Lee and his companion! 
"Class Work"

Elder Lee and Tyler Crosby! 

Having fun in class.

They decorated their door for the 4th. 

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