Sunday, June 29, 2014


June 25th 2014

Mom and Dad
Hey well I am having an amazing day here at the MTC!  I love every second of it! My first Comp is Elder C.  He is an amazing missionary! He makes me a better missionary!  I love it here at the MTC.  It is way better than I imagined!  It’s so amazing to see all the people here.  Man I have so much love for my mission and it has only been one day!  I want to thank you for all of your hard work! Oh guess what I hung with Tyler Crosby the first day, it was awesome! My other roommates are Elder W and Elder K both amazing missionaries.  Elder W is from Washington State he will serve in Provo his whole mission!  Along with Elder K, he is from Virginia and he is awesome!  Oh yeah Elder C is from Spanish Fork!  Your amazing parents and I thank you!  P-day at the MTC is Wednesday so I won’t get to talk to Jackson and Ben!  Tell them to just be really friendly and everything!  Everyone at the MTC loves you! These are hallowed halls and the Lord walks here!  I love you so so so much thank you for everything you do for me! Oh Dad I can still kick your Butt!
Elder Justin Lee

 A note to readers: We cannot use the names of the other missionaries. Only initials will be posted. Thanks!! 

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  1. Ah, sounds like a great first week!! Thanks for the update, keep them comin :)