Monday, May 16, 2016

Last Transfer!

Justin loved and looked up to Uncle Brian so much!

Zone Council!

Broken AC :(

May 16, 2016 
 Hello Family,  
 Sad News to hear about Uncle Brian, I send my prayers and my love to our family. I love y'all and I hope that we rejoice in the life Brain lived as we celebrate one of the most selfless men I have ever met.  
 Well this week has been awesome a lot of new changes are coming my way. So I am staying here in the Fort Worth 8th Ward. I will be getting a new companion his name is Elder Crowther so I am excited to see how he is. I hope he likes to work really hard cause that's what he is gonna do. Haha 
 Tuesday- We had service again at UGM which was really good. After that we went on an Exchange with the 6th Elders. Elder Boekweg was with me in my area. We had a great exchange, we were able to see a lot of people. We contacted this Guy and he was like on his 10th beer and it was only like 4:30 pm so that was really funny. He said he believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet but not in Jesus Christ. Haha I love drunk People. After that we went to IN and Out to eat so that was really good.  After that we had a couple good appointments. Then we had to come home cause there was a down poor and a tornado in Irving.  
 Wednesday - Well I came home and we weekly planned. Which was really good. After we came home our apartment was at 88 degrees so we were like crap and so our AC had gone out again so that really sucked. But then I went on a mini exchange with Elder Bullock to his exit interview because I had to sign some paper work in the office about a situation that happened to me and Elder Peterson while in Denton so that was really good. After that President Ames came out and put his arm around me and looked into his office and said Me and You in that office in 6 weeks. Haha we just started laughing really hard together. So that was really fun. Haha After that we had a few appointments to hit up which was good. One was with Brother Wadsworth who is doing a lot better than when we first met him. He is really awesome man.  
 Thursday - We had Zone Council which is really really awesome cause of the testimonies and the training we heard. I gave a training on the Atonement. It was really awesome cause I realized how much I love my savior. Well after I did that we had a few appointments which were good.  
 Friday - Elder Clark had a Meeting in Hurst which was really good. After that we had to go to the Pakbin baptismal interview which ended up not happening because  the son went into the doctor so we got to go give him a blessing  and help him. After that we had a couple of good lessons and so that was awesome.  
 Saturday - Our baptism was postponed till May the 28th cause of the Medical things so that was alright. After that we got our AC fixed which was really really nice cause it's hotter than Satan here so that is nice. After we went and found these two really awesome kids. Their parents let us teach them and they both accepted baptism on June 25th which is really good! We're Excited.  
 Sunday - we had the Kids at church and also the Pakbin family at church so that was really really good. After Church we went to the Mission President Fireside and I was able to see Elder Bird and Elder Fowels and Elder Peterson. Elder Bird is the New AP so that is really really funny. But Yeah I miss them all a lot. So that is good. After that we came home.  
 Well family that is my week. I hope y'all have had a really really good week and know that I miss y'all and we will see you soon.   
Elder Justin C. Lee  

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